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Top restaurants with home food delivery where you can pay by meal vouchers

You have an appetite at home or at the office, but you don’t feel like cooking or go to the nearest restaurant. Obviously, the next logical step is to grab your phone and order something to eat. But did you know that, instead of using money, you can use your meal vouchers to pay for your order? To be helpful to you, we decided to make a list of the food delivery companies in Bucharest where you can use meal vouchers to pay, and we calculated how many vouchers you would need for a meal. Currently, the value of a meal voucher is 15.09 lei. 


possibilities. We always eat well from Domino's Pizza, and using 2 meal vouchers we can enjoy chicken and drink a soda. In addition, from Speed Pizza you eat pizza galore using 1 meal voucher, and if you buy a third one, you get the fourth one for free. We’ve heard words of praise for Pizza Dominium as well, where, for a pizza you need around 1-2 meal vouchers. At Presto we eat regularly and we find their thin crust pizza tasty – depending on the size and the topping ingredients, it costs around 1-2 meal vouchers. 

However, if you feel like eating home delivery Chinese, you must try Wu Xing, where a whole menu costs 2 meal vouchers – be it veggie, with chicken or with beef. If you live or work close to the Old Town, do not forget Wu Xing on Covaci Street. It is a cheerful, clean and practical place, where you can go eat fast and make room for others. The bamboo poles wall actually gives it a discrete Asian atmosphere, but it is not taken to the extreme of pom pom lampshades, or the Chinese pop music. The Chinese delivery category also encloses Chopstix, where for 2-3 meal vouchers you can eat galore, a menu with the best noodles in town, as they proudly say. 
Good and spice Vietnamese dishes can be ordered from Li-Wu, using around 2-3 meal vouchers. 
At Dines you can find sandwiches and burgers even for 1 voucher, and more consistent menus can go up to 2-3 meal vouchers.

Continuing with the home delivery series, when you feel like eating pancakes, using 1-2 meal vouchers, you can order from Crêperie d'Amour. 
And if you feel like eating home cooked Romanian dishes, call La Mama, where a meal can cost from 2-3 up to 6-7 meal vouchers, depending on how hungry you are.

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