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Restaurants in the Old Town where you can pay using meal vouchers

Food turns into the energy that our body needs in order to work within normal parameters. This is why we cannot live without it. However, there are days when we are busy and neglect our lunch, either because we are in town, or because we are out of money, or because we want to lose weight (hunger is a wrong way to diet).

If you are in the mood to have lunch and you only have meal vouchers in handy, we prepared a list that we hope will be useful for you.

1. Restaurants in the area of Unirii where you can pay using Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers


If you are hungry, you can have lunch at Springtime in the complex “Micul Paris” of Unirea Shopping Center. There you can choose varied menus at good prices. Do not leave your meal vouchers at home, because here you can also pay using meal vouchers.


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The place where you can make a feast of “submarine” sandwiches, in long bread that are actually called “subs”, which measure either 15 cm or 30 cm in length.

The menu contains 15 types of sandwiches, with chicken, turkey, beef, ham, spicy salami, vegetables, tuna and different variations, both for meat-eaters and for vegetarians.

With these, you can get, a selection of vegetables (green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, olives) if you wish.


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Here you can choose from a diversified menu, over 20 types of delicious Chinese dishes. Chicken, beef, pork, salads and trimmings with rice and rice noodles, mixed with vegetables, meat or various sauces are available.


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La Zamfir

If you wish to change your menu a little bit, you can choose to eat at La Zamfir, in the complex “Micul Paris” of Unirea Shopping Center. Several types of Romanian dishes are available and you can pay using meal vouchers.


If you are in a hurry, a fresh sandwich is exactly what you need. If you don’t wish to eat bread, you can choose a salad. With 2 meal vouchers you can serve an excellent lunch!


The place does not need much presentation. We believe that you’ve already eaten something there at least once. Among our recommendations we can mention tuna salad, potato wedges and ice cream.


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Here, you can certainly choose something for your taste. If you are preoccupied with a healthy lifestyle, you can order a salad, corn or even a Twister. It all depends on what you crave for!


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2. Restaurants in the Old Town where you can pay using Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers

Dristor Kebab

We believe we are not exaggerating when we say that most of the times, all roads in the Old Town lead to Dristor Kebab. Especially when we do not stop from fulfilling a guilty gastronomic pleasure, such as shawarma served with everything and Ayran.

Wu Xing

You can have lunch here if you wish to try Chinese dishes with various flavors.


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Caru cu bere

Here you can taste traditional Romanian dishes and you can pay using meal vouchers. If you miss home cooked dishes, you can come by at Caru cu Bere!


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City Gril

A good place for business meetings as well. City Grill is a kind of fast food with Romanian style cooked dishes, on a porcelain plate.


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La Mama

As its name says, these are home cooked dishes. The menu contains traditional Romanian dishes, so you have where to choose from. Do you have your meal vouchers handy?


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French Bakery

The place where you can have a vegetables quiche, a slice of cheesecake or a campagne bread. You can also have breakfast there, on the days when you couldn’t manage to have it at home.

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