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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions



1. General is the official website of EDENRED ROMÂNIA SRL (hereinafter referred to as “EDENRED”), with registered office in Bucharest, 133, Calea Şerban Voda, district 4, Sole Registration Code RO10696741, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40 / 5659 / 1998.

Edenred Online service is also provided through Through this service, Edenred customers / affiliated partners may order the Edenred tickets and manage their relationship with Edenred. By accessing the Website and / or using the Edenred Online service, the customers / affiliated partners agree with the terms and conditions of the website, as mentioned below.


Website = the assembly of pages accessible on Internet at the address representing the collection of static and dynamic documents, containing graphic elements, scripts and other elements of informational nature, aimed for the promotion of EDENRED services, management of relations between customers and /or affiliated partners on one hand, and Edenred on the other hand, by means of Edenred Online application, and last but not least, information of the users about the user guidelines.

Password = sequence of characters for user identification, EDENRED customer, determined by the user with the purpose of obtaining authorized access to the services on the Website.

Login = identification by the page of the User in question, based on the user name and password.

User = individual or represented legal entity accessing the Website and using any of its pages for information purposes or for the management of the relation with Edenred from customer’s and / or affiliated partner’s quality point of view.

Electronic service providing = provision of services by sending and collecting the data through IT systems, upon the User’s request, without the parties’ presence at the same time, through and / or Edenred Online application.


2. Regional availability of EDENRED products and services

The products and services mentioned within this Website are only available in Romania, being aimed for Romanian or foreign legal entities with agencies, branches, representative offices registered in Romania.


3. Copyright and materials in the Website pages

The copyright for the Internet page, information and materials included herein and also in its systems is the property of EDENRED. The use of the Website pages, of the content thereof by third parties requires the prior consent of EDENRED.

The information and parts of the information included in the Website pages or the Website’s structure is subject of the modifications according to Edenred’s interests. For this purpose, EDENRED reserves the right to edit the information or parts of the information included on these pages, including the Website’s structure, without previous notification of the Users.

EDENRED may freely use, for its own interest, these ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques sent by each User through the Website.

EDENRED is not responsible for the costs and / or material loses, resulted from the unauthorized use of the information available on the Website.


4. Use of the WEBSITE and liabilities

4.1. EDERNED and its suppliers waive all liability for the loss of data or information resulted from delays, orders not delivered or which do not reach the recipient, caused by events beyond EDENRED’s control or generated by a conduct of third parties or User’s errors. Under no circumstances EDENRED undertakes the responsibility for a direct or indirect loss resulted from or related in any way to the use or performance degree of the Website. For this purpose, the User agrees to release and not initiate legal proceedings against EDENRED regarding any claims raised by a third party, resulted from the use of the service or Edenred communications network or of the Website, and also as regards any loss (direct, indirect, consequential or of any other nature), costs, actions, legal proceedings, claims, damages, expenses (including legal fees) or other liabilities, incurred in any way or directly caused by EDENRED as a consequence of the User’s breach or disregard of these terms and conditions.

Although it took all the necessary measures so that the information set out on the Website are correct and accurate, EDENRED waives the responsibility regarding the potential discrepancies which may appear on the Website. The Users are responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness or usefuleness of the information available on the Website.

Any links to other websites are offered only with the purpose of an increased accessibility of the information, and EDENRED waves all responsibility or liability for the content of these websites, for the products or services promoted or traded on these websites.

Together with its suppliers, EDERNED excludes any warranty according to which:
a) The electronic service providing shall not be disconnected or without errors;
b) The potential defects shall be corrected;
c) Its service server provided to the Users has no viruses or other components which may damage the Users,
d) Shall be responsible for any action you perform based on the respective information available on the Website or on the services / products purchased through Edenred Online.

4.2. The access of the Website by the User implies that the latter had fully and unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of the Website, as set out herein.

The User agrees to use the service only for legal purposes and undertakes:

a) not to modify, copy, distribute, send, display, publish, reproduce, grant licenses, create derivative products, transfer or sell any type of information or services obtained from or through the Website;
b) not to perform (and not to allow) cracking or hacking activities or attacks like "deny service".

4.3. As a consequence of creating an user account in Edenred Online application , the User is fully responsible for performing and maintaining certain adequate internal security procedures for securing devices, codes, passwords and other access control methods, including as regards the communications channel used for the connection to Edenred Online, with the purpose of preventing unauthorized access and use of the system. No claim regarding an unauthorized access or use of Edenred Online is opposable to Edenred. The User undertakes full responsibility as regards the management of the account opened by it on Edenred Online, and for this purpose any operation performed by other persons in the User’ name and account in Edenred Online application shall be opposable to it, and Edenred shall not be bound to verify the identity and limits of mandate of persons performing such operations in the name and on behalf of the User.

4.4. The User states on own liability that it complies with the legal provisions regarding the meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Restaurant® Plus.


5. Claims

The claims regarding the operation of the Website may be sent by phone, at 021 301 33 11, or in writing, by means of a letter sent to the fax number mentioned on the „Contact” page.

The adequately claim submitted must contain at least the information regarding the User, the name and first name thereof, e-mail, correspondence address and also the description of the problem the claim refers to.

EDENRED shall immediately notify the claimant regarding the result of its review at the e-mail address provided by the User. The claims shall be reviewed within a reasonable period of time after the registration thereof.


6. Security

6.1. Edenred has taken all actions and makes every effort in order to protect the Website and information sent through the use thereof or through the electronic Service provision, through the use of various protection scripts and password protected access protocols of the database server. In order to protect the information, Edenred uses encryption technologies for certain types of transmissions coordinated in certain sections of the Website. Even though we are offering these technologies together with other protective actions for confidential information and ensure the adequate security, we do not guarantee that the information sent by internet are secured, or that such transmissions shall not be delayed, interrupted, intercepted or error-free, for reasons beyond EDENRED’s control. For this purpose, EDENRED cannot guarantee that the use of this website by the User shall be confidential. Any information the User reveals on the website may not be secured during its transmission via Internet. Third parties have the possibility to intercept the User’s transmissions by using the Website.

6.2. The login into a User’s account is protected by Password and the user name. The password must be kept in a safe place or memorized by the User. EDENRED undertakes no liability for the potential damages caused by the User’s disclosure of the password and / or user name to unauthorized persons.

The User has the possibility to cease at any time the use session of the electronically provided Services, bearing the consequences of such shut-down.

The user may, at all times, detect and correct the errors occurred by entering the identification details or orders, by modifying them.


7. Personal data

7.1. Edenred is registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing under number 17969 and complies with the applicable regulations on personal data.

The User’s personal data may be processed by maintaining the safety means required by the applicable laws of Romania and complying with the provisions of the applicable laws in this field. Edenred provides to the Users the possibility to change, modify their personal data and also raise objections regarding the personal data processing by sending a message through the contact form or a letter sent to the fax numbers mentioned at the „Contact” page of the Website.

7.2. By browsing the Website, Edenred may collect information on the Users in two ways:

  • Information provided by the User. In order to access EDENRED services, the User must create an account on Edenred Online. When creating the account, the Website requests personal information, such as name, first name, preferred language, e-mail.
  • Information the Website acquires following the use of service by the User or by accessing certain sections of the Website. We may collect information about the services used by the User and the using manner thereof, such as by visiting an internet page dedicated to the electronically provided Services or view and interaction with our announcements and content. This information includes:
    • Information about the device
      Edenred may collect information about the device (such as hardware model, version of operation system and information about the mobile network).
    • Log information
      Upon the access of the Website by a User, Edenred may automatically collect and store certain information in the server logs. This may include:
      • Details about the manner the Website services were used, such as search interrogations.
      • IP address.
      • Information about the events occurred on the device, such as errors, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, language thereof, date and time of the User query and reference URL address.
      • Cookies that may uniquely identify the browser or the account of a User.
    • Storage at local level
      EDENRED may collect and store information at local level, on the User’s device, by using mechanisms such as web storage by browser (including HTML 5) and cache memories related to application data.
    • Cookies and anonymous identifiers
      Edenred may use various technologies in order to collect and store information when a User accesses the Website, and these may include sending cookies or certain anonymous indicators to the User’s device. Edenred does not associate a cookie and anonymous identifier to the special information categories, such as the basic ones based on race, religion, sexual orientation or health condition.

All the above mentioned information that may be collected by Edenred, and also, as case may be, any other personal data provided by a User, shall be hereinafter generically referred to as the “Information”.

7.3. EDENRED processes the information, according to the law, in good faith, for legit purposes, mainly in order to electronically provide the services. Processing means the use, storage, display, copy, transmission, interpretation, edit and / or distribution of information to local and / or international servers. According to provisions of the Law on the protection of personal data and within the limits of the purposes set out herein, the User, by simply accessing the website, or as case may be, by Logging in, expressly and unequivocally agrees for EDENRED to use the personal data provided by the User.

The User-related information may also be used by EDENRED for purposes associated to the trade of products and provision of Edenred services, such as:

  • processing orders or requests from the User;
  • fulfillment manner of the obligations set out in the contracts with the customer company / affiliated unit;
  • provision of other products or services intended for Edenred Users or customers ;
  • management of tax and financial relations between Edenred and the customer company / affiliated unit which, under certain circumstances, is represented by the User;
  • settlement of requests, questions or claims made by the user;
  • performance of market surveys and marketing of Edenred services / products;
  • contacting the User (including by mail, email, fax, text messages or phone) regarding the service / product offers of some carefully selected Edenred partners, and considered by Edenred that would be of interest for the User (unless the User made a written request not to be contacted for this purpose);

Edenred is entitled to send this information to empowered persons (according to Law 677/2001), which may use the information for the same purposes as Edenred. For this purpose we remind that Edenred may process the information on its own servers.

7.4. Edenred does not distribute the information to companies, organizations and persons outside Edenred, except under one of the following circumstances:

  • With the User’s consent
    Edenred shall distribute personal data information to companies, organizations and persons outside Edenred only with the User’s consent for this purpose. Edenred requests the registration approval for the distribution of any special personal data.
  • For legal reasons
    Edenred distributes personal data information to companies, organizations and persons outside Edenred in case it is considered, in good faith, that the access, use, storage or disclosure of the relevant information is reasonably required in order to:
    • Comply with the applicable law, the regulations, legal procedures or binding governmental requests.
    • Implement the terms and conditions in force, including the investigation of the potential violation thereof.
    • Identify, prevent or fight against fraud, security or technical problems in any other way.
    • Protect the Website users or the general public against the violation of rights, property or safety of Edenred, as stipulated or allowed by the law.

Edenred may also distribute some Information to its partners, such as, without limitation, marketing companies, advertising agencies or connected internet pages, cumulated information, which do not personally identify the users. For example, Edenred may publicly distribute information in order to indicate trends of general use of Edenred services / products.

7.5. The persons targeted by information processing benefit from the rights granted by Law 677/2001:

- right to access the data – any targeted person has the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge, for one request by year, the confirmation of the fact that the data related thereto is or is not processed by an operator;

- the right of intervention on the data – any targeted person has the right to request, by means of a written, signed and dated application, the correction, update, blocking or erasure of the data whose processing is not compliant with the law, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data;

- the right to opposition – the targeted person has the right to raise oppositions, at all times, by means of a written, signed and dated application, for legitimate and solid grounds, against the processing or disclosure to third parties of the data related thereto;

- the right of not being subject to an individual decision or the right to refer to a court of law, notwithstanding the possibility to file a complaint with the competent surveillance authority;

- the right to go to court and claim damages as a result of the violated rights, according to Law 677/2001;

- the person in question may request, free of charge, at all times, the termination of personal data processing.

The rights of the targeted persons can be exercised by sending a written, signed and dated application to the registered office of Edenred, mentioned herein, or by sending a message through the contact form, or through a letter sent to the fax number mentioned on the “Contact” page of the Website. The User or the persons targeted by the processing of Information understand and agree that the exercise of their right of opposition is equivalent to the impossibility of providing one or all services undertaken by Edenred under the legal relations with such Users or with the customers/ partners thereof.


8. Implied consent of Edenred Online

By creating an account on Edenred Online, the User accepts that the management of the documents related to its relationship with Edenred, including the fiscal invoices issued by Edenred related to the services provided by the latter, shall be performed exclusively by electronic means through the Edenred Online application, as of the account activation in the relevant application. Under certain circumstances, Ederned may decide the management of the commercial relation between the parties also outside the Edenred Online application, case that shall be notified to the User.

By creating an account on Edenred Online, the User takes note of and agrees that the transmission of invoices related to the services provided by the Issuer shall take place through the Edenred Online application, and the User undertakes to access and download the respective invoices from the Edenred Online application. The User’s invoices shall be uploaded in Pdf format and made available in the Edenred Online application for 12 months after the date of issuance.

According to above mentioned stipulations, the User accepts that the date of issuance and the date of dispatch of the invoice related to the services provided by Edenred shall be the business day following the day when the invoice was uploaded on the Edenred Online application by Edenred, the User being bound to regularly check the Edenred Online application in order to download the invoices and pay them according to the contracts concluded between Edenred and the customer / affiliated partner, as the case may be.

The User accepts the possibility that Edenred may suspend or unilaterally terminate the electronic dispatch of the invoice, after a prior notice served to the User, provided that this action does not generate any additional costs for the User.


9. Commercial notifications

As a result of the first login, the User expressly and unequivocally agrees to receive at the e-mail address thereof, registered on the Website, commercial and other notifications from EDENRED.

The recipient of commercial notifications is entitled to revoke its consent on the receipt of such communications by a simple notification sent to EDENRED. For this purpose, EDENRED shall implement a free of charge procedure, accessible including by electronic means, by which the recipient may revoke its consent. The cancelation of the consent by electronic means shall become effective within maximum 48 hours after the initiation of the consent revocation procedure.


10. Final provisions

By accessing this Site, the User accepts the fact that any dispute is construed according to the laws of Romania and accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of Romanian courts of law.

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