• Edenred Romania launched Apple Pay mobile payments for digital meal vouchers Edenred Romania, the largest issuing company of cards and benefits vouchers for employees the global leader in payment solutions for the working world, launched on June 26 the Apple Pay service for its digital meal vouchers issued in Romania. Edenred Romania issues Ticket Restaurant® branded cards and tickets for almost approximately 1,300,000 employees in Romania, and 1 million of them opted for digital meal vouchers on cards. 26-06-2019
  • New standards in customer service quality: Edenred obtains the first ISO 10002: 2018 certification in Romania Edenred Romania has been awarded with the first quality certification in Romania in Customer Satisfaction and customer service, according to the international standard ISO 10002: 2018, from the audit and certification company Bureau Veritas. 21-05-2019
  • New benefits for Romanian employees: Edenred launches cultural vouchers and digital gift vouchers   Long-awaited, since the end of 2018, cultural vouchers and digital gift vouchers have become reality in Romania today: Edenred Romania has been licensed to issue digital gift vouchers and cultural vouchers.     02-05-2019
  • Edenred - Best Employer in Romania for the third year in a row Edenred Romania, the biggest issuer of prepaid vouchers and cards for companies and employees, was designated, for the third year in a row, one of the best employers in Romania, according to the Best Employer study performed by Aon România. 05-04-2018
  • Discover the new My Edenred mobile application and enjoy the new features! We have good news: we have launched the new My Edenred application with a new design, an improved experience, new features and we are glad to present it to you. 15-08-2018
  • Edenred continues its CSR initiatives in 2018, towards promoting healthy eating at work Edenred informs that in 2018 it will continue its “Come to Lunch at 1!” campaign, by which it encourages employees to adopt healthy eating habits at work, for the fourth year in a row. In 2017, Edenred extended this campaign, moving from the mostly informative and educational direction adopted in the previous years, to actions through which it mobilized business partners and their employees, together proving that the lunch break is a necessary habit, not luxury. 15-01-2018
  • The maximum deductible value of holiday vouchers has increased Beginning with July 1st 2013, companies can award their employees holiday vouchers that are deductible and exempted from the taxes and contributions paid by the companies, up to a value of 4800 lei per year, for each employee. This is due to the increase of the minimum gross salary, for the second time this year, up to 800 lei. 05-09-2018
  • You can recognize a motivated employee by the smile Ticket Cadou and Compliments Cards can be used by companies to offer Easter gifts to clients and business partners (distributors, agents and representatives, suppliers and any other kind of partner), and the offered amounts are deductible expenses. They can both be used to purchase any type of products or services: clothing, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, personal care services or even food products, in small stores or the large commercial chains. 10-09-2018
  • Meal cards legislative norms have been published This draft of the implementing regulations will be debated in public session for 10 days, and then the final regulations will be published.   According to the project, meal vouchers, which could be only issued on paper until now, can now also be issued on electronic support (card).   Paper meal vouchers will benefit from some improvements: for instance, it will be possible to use more than 2 vouchers per day (this being the current limit). 07-09-2016
  • Edenred purchases 34% of UTA shares The transaction includes the option of purchasing additional shares, beginning with 2017, which will allow Edenred to increase its participation to 51%. Representing an investment of approximately 150 million €, this purchase offers Edenred a unique opportunity to boost its growth on the business expense management market. With more than 50 years of experience, UTA offers expense management solutions for heavy weight vehicle fleets for more than 60.000 clients in Europe, of which almost 70% are based in Germany. 05-10-2014
  • The new Deputy General Director of Edenred Romania: DANA SÎNTEJUDEAN   The former General Director of Edenred Romania, Vianney du Parc, has recently been appointed Regional Managing Director for Central Europe, directing, from Bucharest, the Group’s operations in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary. 05-09-2016
  • Winners of the Campaign “Your neighborhood store brings you prizes of 500 lei!”!   On 28.04.2017 the drawing for the recommendation program “Your neighborhood store brings you prizes of 500 lei!” took place.   We are happy to announce the winners’ list below:   1. Militaru Mariana - Compliments® card x 500 lei    2. Ciotlos Dan-Stefan - Compliments® card x 500 lei  07-09-2018
  • 15.18 lei – the new maximum face value of meal vouchers The new maximum face value of meal vouchers was established by Order no. 17-05-2018



  • Edenred launches EDENSTEP Starting from September 2017, 15 graduates from the selected countries within Edenred Group will have the opportunity to work for Edenred in 12 large cities on 4 continents, including Shanghai, Boston, São Paulo or Milan. Of the 15 graduates who will take part of this program, one can come from Romania. 27-09-2017
  • Digitization of meal vouchers is on growing trend: Edenred issued over 750.000 Ticket Restaurant® cards More than 2.5 million employees in Romania receive meal vouchers, this being the most common extra-salary benefit, used by companies to support their employees’ lunch break, during working days. Electronic meal vouchers were launched in October 2015, following certain law changes that allowed issuing them on electronic support, in addition to the classic format on paper, which continues to work in parallel with the cards. 09-09-2018
  • Edenred unveils new global visual identity Edenred continues its journey towards the future, unifying its products and solutions under the umbrella of a unitary and solid brand, bringing together 43 million employees, 750.000 client organizations and companies and 1.4 million affiliated retailers. Today, the 250 products and services developed by the Group, including its iconic Ticket Restaurant, are getting a new image and a new visual identity. 05-09-2017
  • Holiday vouchers, issued on card, as of today Edenred, the largest issuer of prepaid cards and vouchers for companies, organizations and communities, is the first issuer to obtain the authorization from the Ministry of Public Finances to issue electronic holiday vouchers, respectively on card. Edenred has thus started to issue electronic holiday vouchers immediately after obtaining the authorization, in July. They are used in parallel with the classic holiday vouchers, on paper, that the company has already been issuing for many years. 05-09-2017
  • Managers from 20 companies join their powers to give an example of healthy eating habits In Romania, chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have reached alarming levels, and one of the main causes is incorrect nutrition, generated by unhealthy eating habits. 05-09-2017
  • Gfk study: 85% of Edenred clients are loyal In June, the current year, Edenred has performed a study through GfK whose purpose was to measure its clients’ degree of loyalty. The results of the study revealed that 85% of Edenred’s clients are loyal to the brand. The net loyalty score is a measure of client loyalty, statistically showing their answers at the question “How likely would it be for you to recommend this company”. 05-09-2018
  • Gift vouchers and cards remain, in 2017, the most inspired choice for Holiday bonuses During the last few years, gift vouchers and cards have reached the top of the employers and employees preferences, because they bring various tax and logistic benefits for companies, while ensuring freedom of choice and maximum spending flexibility for employees. 10-09-2018
  • Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers bring you discounts at Oliviera! Use Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers from Edenred when you pay your order on and enjoy a wide range of offers, each more delicious than the other. You’ve got more than 100 promotions to choose from and a 10 lei discount for any order exceeding 40 lei! In order to benefit from the offer, select the option to pay using Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers and use the promotional code EDENRED10 that you can find in the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher booklet. The promotion is valid until May 31st 2018. 05-09-2018
  • Winners of the Christmas Raffle “Win a Weekend in Rome with Edenred!” We are happy to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Christmas raffle “Win a weekend in Rome with Edenred!” All client companies who have placed and paid an order of gift vouchers or cards from Edenred in the period between 01/11/2017 - 15/12/2017 were automatically included in the Raffle for the city-breaks in Rome offered in partnership with Eximtur. The happy winners are: 15-08-2018
  • Top restaurants with home food delivery where you can pay by meal vouchers You have an appetite at home or at the office, but you don’t feel like cooking or go to the nearest restaurant. Obviously, the next logical step is to grab your phone and order something to eat. But did you know that, instead of using money, you can use your meal vouchers to pay for your order? To be helpful to you, we decided to make a list of the food delivery companies in Bucharest where you can use meal vouchers to pay, and we calculated how many vouchers you would need for a meal. Currently, the value of a meal voucher is 15.09 lei.  07-09-2017
  • The first companies that opted for the new maximum face value of meal vouchers The maximum face value of meal vouchers, in amount of 15.18 lei and the companies in Romania have already started to increase the packages of extra-salary benefits offered to employees.   Since December last year, the maximum face value of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is 15 lei, being established by the Law no. 218 / 2016 for the modification of art. 3 para. (1) of the Law no. 142/1998 on the award of meal vouchers, published in the Official Gazette no. 07-09-2017
  • Restaurants in the Old Town where you can pay using meal vouchers Food turns into the energy that our body needs in order to work within normal parameters. This is why we cannot live without it. However, there are days when we are busy and neglect our lunch, either because we are in town, or because we are out of money, or because we want to lose weight (hunger is a wrong way to diet). If you are in the mood to have lunch and you only have meal vouchers in handy, we prepared a list that we hope will be useful for you. 07-09-2017
  • 10 restaurants in Bucharest where you can pay using meal vouchers Most employees who receive meal vouchers prefer to use them in food stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets, but few know that they can be used also to pay the bill in restaurants, pizza places, fast-foods, cafeterias, etc. Actually, they can be used especially to pay the bill in quite many restaurants (this is why they were invented). 05-09-2018
  • Are employees involved in choosing benefits? [imagelink="91"]The study emphasized that the decision related to the benefits packages is made without involving employees very much. Thus, only 40% of the interviewed companies consult their employees before offering them a new benefit. The differences among medium and small companies are also visible in terms of the degree of employee involvement: medium companies involve employees in proportion of 36%, while large companies, with more than 250 employees, consult their employees in proportion of 58%. 10-09-2018