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Partner merchants useful documents

Here you can view and download the contractual documents, specimen vouchers or working procedures required for partner merchants.

Useful information for EDENRED partner merchants


Instructions in handling vouchers

  • DO NOT use slips containing information of other companies, nor photocopies of slips that have already been used!
  • DO NOT punch, do not staple, do not stick, do not fold, do not tear and do not deteriorate vouchers!
  • DO NOT write and do not apply the stamp over the barcode!
  • DO NOT accept for payment any vouchers that have already been stamped on the back or which are deteriorated!

Useful information for accepting Edenred cards for payment

Periodically update the list of POS identification codes in stores (MIDs) enrolled in the Edenred network. This update is performed periodically or if you have installed a new POS in your store, you have changed the POS or the accepting bank, if you have opened a new store, or a new point of sale within the same store.

The reimbursement of the amounts is done in approximately 1 working day, depending on the financial institution owning the POS through which the transactions were performed. If the customer returns the product purchased in your store, you can refund the corresponding amount on the card, following the standard refunding procedure for cards.

Poza POS

Defective terminal and rejected transaction: If the POS terminal does not work or is not online, the transaction cannot be authorized. In this case, the user can use another accepted payment method, he can try another terminal or can return when the terminal is operational. If the transaction is rejected, there can be various causes: the card’s account does not have sufficient funds, the card may be expired or the POS used is not enrolled in the Ticket Restaurant® system. If the transaction was not authorized because there aren’t any available funds or the card is expired, please advise the user to contact the company who awarded him the Ticket Restaurant® card. If the transaction was not authorized because the MID (Merchant ID) of the POS was not communicated to Edenred, please update the list of MIDs enrolled in the Edenred network or send a notification to Edenred Customer Care by calling 0213013311 or by e-mail, at

Validity of Edenred vouchers and cards

  • Vouchers currently issued by Edenred Romania have a certain validity period, which is printed on the paper support and after this date they can no longer be accepted by partner merchants. Please accept for payment only vouchers that are within their period of validity.
  • The validity of the card support for electronic vouchers is 4 years.

Signaling the partner unit

  • To trigger the use of Edenred cards and vouchers in your location, we recommend you to request and display the stickers in spots as visible as possible, on the outside window or on the entrance window and the electronic cash registers.
Edenred Certifications
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