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10 restaurants in Bucharest where you can pay using meal vouchers

Most employees who receive meal vouchers prefer to use them in food stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets, but few know that they can be used also to pay the bill in restaurants, pizza places, fast-foods, cafeterias, etc. Actually, they can be used especially to pay the bill in quite many restaurants (this is why they were invented).
It is true, not all restaurants accept meal vouchers therefore, if you wanted to use the meal vouchers in restaurants, but you gave up the idea because you did not know which restaurants accept them, we’ve made a list of 10 for you. We hope you find it useful!

Caru' cu bere is one of the most popular restaurants in the Old Town. Every day you will see a flood of tourists jam to have a meal here. You can also do it, using your meal vouchers. There is also a daily special, quite convenient, which can be paid using approximately 2 meal vouchers.


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Moreover, another hunted restaurant for lunch (recently dinner as well) is City Grill, a bit cheaper than Caru' cu bere, but serving dishes as delicious as them. One lunch would cost you around 2 meal vouchers.

Also in the Old Town, you can have a meal at La Mama, if you feel like eating Romanian dishes (a meal costs around 2 vouchers).

But you can always try something Chinese as well, from Wu Xing. Here, a meal can even be paid using a single meal voucher, but for certain dishes it is necessary to use more vouchers, depending on what catches your eye in the menu.

Wu Xing in the Old Town is a cheerful, clean and practical place, where you go to eat quickly and make room for others. The bamboo poles wall actually gives it a discrete Asian atmosphere, but it is not taken to the extreme of pom pom lampshades, or the Chinese pop music.

You can use your meal vouchers to serve a meal also on Decebal Boulevard, at Ruby Tuesday, but here you will need a little more than 1-2 meal vouchers to pay the bill. Or you can always try one of the Vietnamese dishes at Jumbo Vietnamese Food (Li Wu). It is a small self-service restaurant, with about 5-6 tables and high chairs near the countertop, where you can eat hot Vietnamese fast food. Prices are low, and one meal can be paid using 1 or 2 meal vouchers.

When you miss Vama Veche, but you are still in Bucharest, on your lunch break, not during the weekend, you can run down to Papa la Şoni, on Sfinţii Voievozi no 13. Nicely painted wooden tables and benches, posters and paintings hanging on the walls, with hooks and twine, a bust to watch over you from a corner and make you wonder who that character immortalized in plaster is. And the subtle rock music that comes out of the speakers. A meal here can be paid using 2 or more meal vouchers.
Meals at Papa Şoni can be paid using meal vouchers both in Bucharest and in Vama Veche.

Don’t forget, when you feel like eating good pizza, you can always satisfy your appetite at Cuptorul cu Lemne. It will cost you only around 2, maximum 3 meal vouchers.

Crêperie d'Amour is a mobile crêperie, because we all want some joy or a nice surprise coming our way. Because small joys give purpose to each day, and smile and treats must be handy.


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Crêperie d'Amour is an honest and natural crêperie. Here goodies are homemade, prepared on the spot, from the most fresh ingredients and best recipes in the world. A portion of pancakes can be paid using 1-2 meal vouchers.

When you feel like eating noodles, you can run down to Chopstix. Here you can also pay using meal vouchers, and depending on what you order, one lunch can cost between 1 and 2 meal vouchers.

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