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Edenred launches Felicia, an AI-based chatbot to improve customer care

Edenred Romania announces the launch of own chatbot, Felicia, based on AI, the first solution of a fringe benefits company in Romania. Felicia will provide instant answers to questions about Edenred products and services and will take over first requests during first quarter of this year. Romania is the first country in Central Europe where Edenred group implements a chatbot, benefiting from the expertise of other subsidiaries, where similar products successfully operate, and thus offers more digital interaction options with its users.

The implementation of conversational technology in Edenred Romania solutions ecosystem is part of the company's accelerated digitization strategy and will contribute to improving the customer experience, whose queries will be successfully resolved much faster. The Felicia chatbot, in the most advanced version of a digital solution dedicated to human conversation, will be available to customers 24/7 from any device with an internet connection, on Edenred Romania's website and Facebook page, including the Benefit platform, as well as in the mobile application.

By accessing the new direction of automation with chatbots and AI, Edenred aims to support more customers and their employees.

Dana Sîntejudean, Regional Director, Edenred Central Europe: “With the launch of our new digital solution, Edenred Romania reaffirms its commitment to serve each customer with the same passion as always, customer experience being our main concern.

Our focus on innovation and technology has led us to offer our users this new conversational technology, aiming to reduce response time in solving the situations they encounter. At the beginning, we expect Felicia to successfully solve over 20% of common support queries, and she will become smarter as she learns from user interactions, providing the majority with a personalized experience.”

Who is Felicia?

Felicia's story began with Edenred's desire to permanently improve the experience of its users and the team's passion to only have satisfied and happy customers with the solutions at their disposal, the name of the chatbot being chosen to highlight the essence of the service it offers.

Felicia, a name of Latin origin, derived from the adjective "felix" ("happy"), is the definition of happiness, being synonymous with thanking those who it cares for, in this case, customers, retailers and users from the Edenred Romania benefits ecosystem.

How Felicia works

Felicia is an innovative chatbot based on artificial intelligence, especially developed for the Romanian market, which recognizes writing in Romanian and can converse with Edenred solutions users.

Edenred users most frequently asked questions are about payment methods and fringe benefits in general. Felicia will answer questions on Edenred Romania's website and Facebook page, including the Benefit platform, as well as in the mobile application. It is a functional chatbot, adapted to understand users' questions and needs even in a text with typos.

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