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Edenred Cards

Easy use and full control over your Edenred cards

  • Contactless, fast payments for transactions under 100 lei;
  • The most varied network of partner retailers;
  • Offers access to special offers in the partner stores;
  • Elegant, modern and memorable support
  • Mobile application adapted to your needs, which allows you to manage all your Edenred cards – optimal control on the available amounts.
  • 0 charges when using in the network of partner stores
  • Secure transactions, all cards are equipped with security elements, such as MICROCHIP, PIN code and magnetic stripe
  • Cards developed under the Mastercard license

How to be always up to date with everything related to your Edenred card?

We have prepared several possibilities by which you can find out your available balance, the transaction history and the funding or the validity of the amounts funded on the card:

MyEdenred – Your new mobile application granting you permanent access and control over your Edenred cards

  • Check your card’s balance and follow transactions performed at the partner merchants
  • Add, activate and manage your Edenred meal and gift cards 
  • Search for and access details about the list of partner merchants
  • Enjoy a varied list of promotions and special campaigns 
  • Find out your PIN code
  • Add and manage virtual loyalty cards from your favorite brands

Online account on MyEdenred platform

Access and create a free user account. It is easy and you have permanent access to your available balance, transaction history, the validity of the funded amounts. Here you can also block your card in case of loss, and if you have forgotten the PIN code, you have the option to get a reminder.

Customer service - 021 301 33 66

By calling 021 301 33 66 (regular fee number), you can find out the available balance, and in case of loss, theft or if the card is no longer functional, you can request to block it. In addition, if you have forgotten the PIN code, you have the option to get a reminder.

In order to find out more details on how the card works, we recommend that you read the Terms and conditions of use.

Where can you use your Edenred cards?

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