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Gfk study: 85% of Edenred clients are loyal

In June, the current year, Edenred has performed a study through GfK whose purpose was to measure its clients’ degree of loyalty. The results of the study revealed that 85% of Edenred’s clients are loyal to the brand.

The net loyalty score is a measure of client loyalty, statistically showing their answers at the question “How likely would it be for you to recommend this company”.

How is it calculated?
An answer scale from 1 to 10 is used, which divides the respondents in:
- Promoters – nu only are they satisfied, but they also speak to their friends and acquaintances about the company (those to give scores of 9 and 10)
- Passive – they are satisfied, but not loyal (scores of 7 and 8)
- Detractors – this is the category of unsatisfied persons (giving scores lower or equal to 6)

According to those who participated in the study (small, medium, large and very large companies that order meal vouchers and gift vouchers monthly), the main features of the collaboration with Edenred are the following:

• Availability of Edenred representatives to respond to clients’ requests

• Edenred’s promptness to solve and respond to clients’ requests

• Easy collaboration

• Fast delivery of vouchers and cards

• Efficient communication and flexibility

In Romania, Edenred serves more than 35.000 client companies and 1.5 million users for Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and cards, gift vouchers and cards, childcare vouchers, holiday vouchers, social vouchers, as well as prepaid cards for business expenses.

Edenred Group operates in 42 countries, counting 8.000 employees.

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