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Edenred unveils new global visual identity

Edenred continues its journey towards the future, unifying its products and solutions under the umbrella of a unitary and solid brand, bringing together 43 million employees, 750.000 client organizations and companies and 1.4 million affiliated retailers. Today, the 250 products and services developed by the Group, including its iconic Ticket Restaurant, are getting a new image and a new visual identity.

The new identity is captured by the global signature « We connect, you win », reflecting Edenred’s digitization, the networks it has built and the advantages it brings: increased purchasing power for employees, costs optimization for companies, higher revenues for retailers.

On June 14th 2017, Edenred’s 8.000 employees in 42 countries will wear the colors of the new logo. This initiative is part of Edenred’s Fast Forward strategic plan, whose main objective is to digitize its offer and consolidate a leading position in B2B2C.

Bertrand Dumazy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred, has declared: “The Launch of our new visual identity is a significant milestone in Edenred’s transformation. The Group’s transition towards an entirely digitized ecosystem has led us to create a new brand identity that is powerful, meaningful and unifying. For 43 million employees, 1.4 million partner retailers and 750.000 companies, each of our solutions is a source of value creation”.

The new Edenred logo will now feature on all Group solutions, from cards to mobile applications, online platforms and paper vouchers.

Capitalizing the red dot, which has been the company’s signature mark since the launch of the Ticket Restaurant product in the 1960s, the new Edenred logo embodies all the attributes of the new brand: simple, digital, universal, daring and connected.

The new logo features the name Edenred, through the middle of a red circle and left open to the outside: to the Group’s unique network, but most of all, to the employees, companies and retailers that use the Group’s solutions. With its « red» suffix, the new logo echoes a color that has been a visual marker for the Group since day one, making the brand even easier to read.

Edenred’s graphic universe has been completely redesigned, in line with the brand’s new platform. As new element, a ribbon was added, representing the ties developed by Edenred among its different audiences. The online platform uses vibrant colors, images and symbols that are emphasized, as can be seen on the new global website:

On June 14th 2017, the Group’s 8.000 employees will wear the colors of the new logo, at the different events organized simultaneously in the 42 countries where Edenred is present. You can follow these events on social media, via the hashtag #Edenredconnects.

Dana Sintejudean, General Deputy Manager of Edenred Romania, has added: «Edenred Romania has built, during the last few years, modern solutions for companies, especially in the area of extra-salary benefits and business expenses management among companies. Now it is time to reinvent ourselves and innovate how we support the new working methods of companies, employees and retailers. Our new visual identity, the vibrant colors and the modern communication style are aligned to the dynamic and effervescent climate that marks our company’s transition towards a digital future ».

The rebranding project was carried out with the contribution of Royalties agency, which created Edenred’s new logo and new visual identity, and participated in the design of the brand platform.

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