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10% discount at Marty Restaurants when pay with Edenred Ticket Restaurant®


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BIBI Vacanța - Holidays on relaxation!



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Recommend a merchant and Edenred will reward you!

You can be rewarded with amounts between 50 and 150 lei in the form of a gift card for each merchant who becomes a partner of Edenred Ticket Restaurant, Edenred Gift, Edenred Holiday, Edenred Cultural or Edenred Nursery!


How it Works?

1. Fill in the form

2. We contact the company


3. We sign the contract


4. We reward you!

How do you recommend?

  • Identify a merchant where you want to pay with one of the Edenred solutions. The merchant must have at least one POS installed for the cards.
  • Check the list of merchant partners of the Edenred card network to identify existing merchant networks here.
  • Fill in the form with the requested information - yours and the proposed merchant's.

How will we reward you?

  • We check if the merchant proposed by you is part of the network of partner merchants
  • The Edenred team contacts the merchant proposed by you and proposes to sign the contract for acceptance of payment for Edenred solutions
  • You won! If the merchant proposed by you signs the contract, you will be rewarded with amounts between 50 and 150 lei in the form of a gift card, depending on the number of outlets

The value of the prizes

No. outlets The value of the reward
between 1 - 2 50 lei
between 3 - 4 100 lei
over 5 150 lei

Propose Edenred cards

Ticket Restaurant® cards are electronic meal vouchers combining significant tax facilities with a system that is easily implemented and used. They are issued in parallel with the meal vouchers on paper.

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The modern alternative to gift vouchers by which you can reward and increase the loyalty of your customers and business partners. The gift card enjoys special tax facilities and no fees or management charges are applied.


The first prepaid card addressed to the companies in Romania, which represents the elegant, safe and efficient version for the reward and motivation of employees. A modern, safe and innovative instrument that helps you motivate your employees.

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Edenred Cultural este cea mai nouă modalitate de motivare a angajaților. Se poate folosi pentru achitarea de bunuri și servicii culturale, precum: cărți, filme, albume muzicale, bilete la spectacole, concerte, cinema, muzee, grădini botanice și zoologice, festivaluri, parcuri tematice, cursuri de orice fel și alte activități recreative și distractive.

edenred cultural

Tichetul de creșă înlocuiește indemnizația de creștere a copilului şi încurajează revenirea la muncă a salariaților care au copii mici. Salariații pot cheltui liber tichetele de creșă Edenred în unitati de educatie timpurie anteprescolara, publice sau private, precum si la persoanele care exercita profesia de bona autorizata.

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