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Childcare vouchers


Childcare vouchers represent an extra-salary benefit offered by employers to their employees hired under individual labor agreements to encourage them to return to work instead of the parental leave for children under 3 years of age.

Why should you offer childcare vouchers to your employees?

By granting childcare vouchers, the current activities at work will not be disturbed because employees having small children will resume their duties much faster and the erosion of the knowledge and experience capital will be thus avoided. Employees choose to resume their activity at work and receive childcare vouchers instead of the parental leave for children. In this way, you encourage the return to work of employees with small children, under the best financial conditions.

  • Reduction of the employees’ unavailability
  • Saving the time and money spent for training the personnel who would temporarily takeover the duties of the parent who took the leave
  • Fiscal advantages: deductibility from the calculation of the tax on profit (16%) and exemption from the payment of social duties owed by employees (16.5%) and of the social duties owed by employers (23%)

Employees may freely spend their childcare vouchers in public or private nurseries, as well as in educational units specialized in childcare and education for children under 2 years, respectively 3 years of age in case of disabled children.

About Ticket Creşa childcare vouchers

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Childcare vouchers are granted according to Law 193/2006 on the granting of gift vouchers and childcare vouchers and according to the norms for the application of this law.

Article 4 of this law stipulates that "childcare vouchers shall be granted upon request, to one of the parents or optionally, to the guardian, the person to whom the children were entrusted for childcare and education or in a foster home regime, based on the family record book".

The monthly value of childcare vouchers is currently lei 440, and this value will be indexed on a biannual basis.

Why should you accept the payment with vouchers in your nursery or kindergarten?

  • You get a higher visibility among the employees who are also parents
  • Your image will improve
  • You use a safe and modern payment method

Childcare vouchers are granted by the employer to those employees who choose to return to work as soon as possible after the birth of a child, being deductible and tax-free.

The employees are free to spend their childcare vouchers in public or private nurseries, as well as in education units specialized in care and education services for children under 3 years of age. As a partner affiliated to the childcare voucher system, you enjoy full safety and celerity in the settlement of the amounts related to the collected vouchers.

How can you use childcare vouchers?

Childcare vouchers can be used by employees having small children who thus receive from the companies where they work a monthly amount of lei 440 in the form of vouchers as an alternative to the parental leave for children under 2 years, respectively 3 years in case of disabled children.

The amounts offered in the form of childcare vouchers are deductible and free from the taxes owed by both employees and employers. The only tax that the beneficiary employee must pay is the tax on the income from childcare vouchers, with a quota of 16%.

This amount can be used to pay for the fees charged by the nursery or education unit where your child is registered, generating multiple benefits:

  • you increase your income by lei 440 on a monthly basis in a period with high costs for the family; this amount is excluded from the payment of social contributions
  • your child has the best care ensured by professional staff in public or private nurseries
  • you avoid professional depreciation, and return to work before your professional experience, competencies and knowledge wear away
  • you can request the affiliation of any nursery which is not yet a part of the Ticket Creşa partner network, contacting Edenred by telephone or by email

How do you benefit from Ticket Creşa?

In order to benefit from Ticket Creşa vouchers, you need the following:

  • an application for the granting of childcare vouchers
  • the evidencing act issued by the nursery or, as applicable, education unit where your child is registered
  • an affidavit that the other parent or, as applicable, guardian does not benefit from childcare vouchers either
  • an affidavit that the other parent does not benefit from the parental leave and allowance granted for childcare either
  • the family record book (if the family record book was not released, the application will be accompanied by a copy of the child’s birth certificate or birth excerpt)

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