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Order methods


We are at your service to take over your order! You can order the vouchers issued by Edenred – lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, social assistance vouchers or childcare vouchers  according to your needs, via the Internet or by classical methods.
The vouchers issued by Edenred can be ordered in various formats: individual booklets or plates, nominal or simple vouchers, customized with the data of the customer company, of the employees respectively.

Edenred Online ordering platform

Edenred Online ordering platform is Number 1 ordering method for the customers of Edenred Romania and it represents the most efficient ordering method of the vouchers issued by Edenred, providing solutions for your daily comfort. By Edenred Online, customers can make orders online, can download proforma and fiscal invoices or track the order delivery status in real time, also having the possibility to manage their relationship with us.

Which are the ordering methods by means of Edenred Online?

There are three methods allowing the placement of online orders:

1. Starting from an existing order (in case the details of the current order are similar to those placed in the past and it is necessary to make a small number of changes);

2. By downloading and uploading a customized Excel file (in case the customer wishes to customize its employees' vouchers or there are more details to enter);

3. By individually filling in every order detail (in case the customer wishes to enter oly a small number of details in the current order).

Which vouchers can you order by means of Edenred Online?

  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Ticket Cadou
  • Ticket Asist
  • Ticket Cresa
  • Ticket Medica

Which are your advantages if you use Edenred Online?

Customers can create free of charge an account in the Edenred Online platform to benefit from multiple facilities:

  • The order is automatically confirmed and immediately enters into production;
  • Instant access to the proforma invoice immediately after sending the order;
  • Fiscal invoices and the history of orders are stored in the platform and can be accessed at any time, from any computer;
  • Downloading the proof of payment directly into the platform;
  • Tracking the order delivery status in real time;
  • Updating delivery addresses and distribution points
  • How can you register on Edenred Online?

    To use Edenred Online you must be an Edenred customer.

    It takes 1 minute to create a customer account!

    1. Access Edenred Online platform by means of website;

    2. Click on "Create account ";

    3. Fill in the customer code (printed on the invoice) and the company fiscal code (URC), then press "Register";

    4. Fill in the section "User details ", tick the box "I agree to the terms and conditions" and press "Create an acconut";

    Your account creation request will be validated as soon as possible and you will receive an email containing the details for accessing the Edenred Online platform.

    After validating your customer account, you can make orders free of charge benefiting from all the advantages offered by Edenred Online!


    Manage your company numbers in an easier manner.

    Order Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Cadou and Ticket Vacanţa vouchers directly from CIEL Salarii application. In this way, alongside the accounting operations offered by CIEL Salarii, you will be able to also manage the purchase of Edenred vouchers in a simpler and faster method.

    Which are the advantages?

    The Edenred-CIEL partnership means specific advantages for the order of vouchers. This is the way in which the partnership was originally designed.


    - you can make nominal orders based on the timesheet, and you will not need a separate record, as the timesheet would be extracted directly from CIEL Salarii Application. In this way, orders become fast, simple and with a minimum error risk.

    - all the accounting records and calculations for social contributions and duties are carried out directly in the applications, and no additional calculations are required.

    - then the Automatic Orders function is available free of charge, simplifying your activities to a good extent.

    Why CIEL?

    We decided to collaborate with CIEL because they are the best at what they do: software applications for accounting and economic management.

    We, leaders on the service voucher market, and CIEL, leader of the market of accounting software for small and medium enterprises, propose to launch innovative services and to contribute in the efforts made by small and medium enterprises in these difficult times to streamline and simplify their operational activities.


    Customers not having an Internet connection to make orders by the Edenred Online ordering platform can send orders by Fax, using the order note.

    Request the order forms, fill the m in and send them by fax at 021 301 33 44 or by e-mail at the address

    And keep in mind! The ordering platform Edenred Online is Number 1 ordering method for the customers of Edenred Romania so that if you did not create an account free of charge, now there's your chance to do it.!

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