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Refund methods

Refund and
settlement methods

If you signed an affiliation contract with Edenred, it means that you accept the vouchers and cards issued by us as a payment method. The vouchers you received from buyers can be refunded by several methods, and you will benefit from their equivalent value.

1) Refund at Edenred headquarters

To settle the equivalent value of Ticket Restaurant® lunch vouchers, Ticket Cadou®, Ticket Vacanta®, Ticket Asist® or Ticket Cresa®, you can send your vouchers to the Refund Agency from our Bucharest headquarters, accompanied by the refund note customized with your company data.

Which are the steps you should follow for the refund of the lunch and other vouchers?

a) Fill in on the overleaf of all the vouchers the date when such were used and ffix your company's stamp to the special sections;

b) Fill in the refund note which is customized with your company's fiscal data and with your affiliate code. The note can be downloaded for free from the Edenred Online platform, whenever you wish, after you made an affiliate account. Also by means of the Edenred Online platform you can manage the refunds, you download invoices and payment orders and you have access to the payment forecast. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can request the refund note at telephone number 021 301 33 15, option 2 or by email at

c) Send the vouchers to the Refund Agency from the Bucharest headquarters by courier or by mail, choosing the receipt confirmation option and the declared value option. Refund shall be made according to the affiliation contract and to the law in force.

Refund will be made directly to your account by bank transfer, according to the affiliation contract.
Vouchers received after 13:00 will be recorded as received in the next working day.

Working hours for recording vouchers:
Monday-Friday: 8:30 - 13:00

Working hours for public relations:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 17:00


DO NOT use notes with other companies' data or photocopies of already used notes!

DO NOT punch, staple, glue, bend, tear or deteriorate the vouchers!

DO NOT write and do not affix the stamp over the bar code!

2) Refund by means of Selgros Cash & Carry or Metro Cash & Carry

Are you an affiliated partner of Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Cadou or Ticket Asist vouchers?

You can choose a simple and fast refund method! By the tripartite system, you can instantly refund the vouchers!

Faster, simpler, more efficient for your company!

Sign the tripartite contract with Edenred Romania and the cash & carry store and refund the vouchers accompanied by the refund note to the Selgros or Metro store from your town. Then, you can buy food and non-food commodities with the vouchers you received from buyers, at the face value written on the vouchers.


The advantages of the tripartite refund system:

  • Instant refund of the vouchers in the Selgros Cash&Carry or Metro Cash&Carry stores
  • Instant use of the value of refunded vouchers, for the supply of food and non-food commodities
  • Convenient refund fee
  • Legal coverage, as the refund is made under a contract
  • The possibility to record in the accounting books by means of the fiscal invoice related to each such refund.
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