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Prepaid voucher system

voucher system

The prepaid voucher system has been working in Romania for more than 15 years, when Edenred (former Accor Services) introduced Ticket Restaurant® lunch vouchers as a tool supporting employees to have lunch, an element which contributes in the maintenance of performance on the job.

The mechanism used for the lunch vouchers system in Romania is the same as that used in more than 40 countries worldwide for more than 60 years, with a proven positive impact on companies, beneficiaries, affiliated stores and inclusively with positive effects on the State by reducing the underground economy.

prepaid system

1. Edenred issues prepaid services vouchers based on the order received form customers - companies or public institutions: lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, childcare vouchers, social assistance vouchers or childcare vouchers;

2. Customers receive the vouchers they ordered within 24 hours at their company's headquarters and they distribute such vouchers to their beneficiaries;

3. Beneficiaries use the vouchers issued by Edenred in the most extended network of affiliated stores to buy various products;

4. Affiliated partners accept Edenred vouchers as payment for the products and services traded by them. To recover the equivalent value of the vouchers received as payment, affiliated stores sent to Edenred headquarters the vouchers collected from customers. Then, Edenred refunds the equivalent value of the vouchers to affiliated partners.

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