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How can we help you?

How can we
help you?

Lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, gift coupons, holiday vouchers and Compliments cards represent the ideal solutions for motivation and reward. Using them, the companies motivate their employees, and the partners affiliated to the system build the loyalty of their customers and increase their revenues. The solutions offered by Edenred improve the beneficiaries’ lives, as the beneficiaries have a higher purchasing power.

Extra-salary benefits

The extra-salary benefits offered by Edenred – lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, gift coupons, holiday vouchers, Compliments cards, childcare vouchers and medical vouchers- have the role to increase the employees’ purchasing power and to improve the quality of their life.

A company concerned with its employees gets the best results. By its prepaid vouchers and cards, Edenred provides a wide range of solutions for motivating, rewarding and building the loyalty of employees, customers and collaborators.

Legislation Legislation
The laws regulating the granting of lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, childcare vouchers or holiday vouchers
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Useful documents for companies Useful documents for companies
Contracts for customers, sample vouchers, online order guide
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Order methods Order methods
Edenred offers you efficient order methods
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Savings simulator Savings simulator
Find out how much you save with lunch vouchers, holiday vouchers and childcare vouchers
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TaxHouse discussions TaxHouse discussions
Participate in the free sessions of discussions about the legislation of vouchers and prepaid cards
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Promotions Promotions
Edenred carries out promotional campaigns for its customers, from time to time
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Bank accounts Bank accounts
we provide you with several bank accounts where you can pay the equivalent value of the ordered vouchers
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Do you have a restaurant or a store trading in food or non-food products and services?

Are you the owner of a pension or a tourism agency?

You can be among the Romanian locations accepting as payment method the prepaid service vouchers and cards issued by Edenred, actively contributing to the increase of sales and building of your customers' loyalty.

Prepaid vouchers and cards issued by Edenred (lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers and Compliments cards, social assistance vouchers, childcare vouchers and medical assistance vouchers) have multiple destinations and are used by millions of Romanians to buy various products from partner units: from food, apparel, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, gifts to tourism and accommodation packages.

Documents useful for affiliates Documents useful for affiliates
Security elements for vouchers, contracts, working procedures
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Promotion methods Promotion methods
Promote your busiess directly to the users of card vouchers
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Refund methods Refund methods
Flexible terms and multiple refund methods for the equivalent value of the vouchers
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Are you the beneficiary of the prepaid vouchers or cards issued by Edenred? They represent a source of additional income for you and contribute to the enhancement of your purchasing power. Prepaid vouchers and cards offer you the freedom to use them in Edenred partner stores throughout the country, which you can easily locate on the map or by means of the GMS device.

Map of affiliates Map of affiliates
Discover where you can spend Edenred’s vouchers and cards
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About vouchers and cards About vouchers and cards
Find out everything you what to know about the usage of Edenred’s vouchers and cards
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Lunch break Lunch break
Discover the places where you can enjoy your lunch by using Edenred’s vouchers
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Beneficio Club Beneficio Club
Enter the Compliments online community
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