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Edenred Romania People

Dana Sîntejudean – CEO for Romania and Moldova


In 2003, when I joined the Edenred team, the motto that we all had in mind was “building smiles”. Together with top products, we have gradually learned what it means to provide services that bring smiles on our partners’ faces. Looking back, I realize that at the same moment I was beginning to build my career. Slowly, but surely.

Until the CEO role, my path was strewn with opportunities, challenges and countless things to learn and discover. Brick by brick, I have consolidated my current position. Undoubtedly, the expertise gained has not softened my curiosity of the beginning – I still like to learn from my co-workers and from the newly encountered contexts.

Today, my inspiration continues to come from the others’ enthusiasm and passion for designing creative solutions and tenaciously transposing them into reality. When we willingly invest energy in everything we do and in the relations among us, we cannot fail. And each action shall have a positive impact in the business, in the community and in the personal life.

Raluca Tufeanu – Internal Communication and HR Director


I have become part of the Edenred story in 2018, and from the very first moments I have met a diverse, beautiful and constructively competitive team. For us, Edenred means countless growing opportunities, a place where skills are equally valorized and developed.

I am glad that we care for the people within the organization as we do for our clients and partners. And this is reflected in our culture, based on respect, trust in people, autonomy and intrapreneurship. Together we always explore new ideas learn from mistakes and step by step we become better, braver and more creative.

Bianca Schmidt – Offers, Products and Marketing Director


Shortly after I first came into the Edenred team, I saw that there is an amazing innovating capacity here. Moreover, we are a company that manages to change this industry itself. The diversity and expertise that I have found in my co-workers make every day at the office a new opportunity to grow and to discover something new.

In addition, I am motivated by the fact that we can positively influence and we can make a change in the mentality, in terms of healthy eating and relating to the working environment.

Maxime Jullien – Strategy and Business Development Director


So far, my journey with Edenred was full of beautiful challenges. It is the place where I have known a friendly working environment, based on mutual trust and respect. I have met good people here, who have inspired me, all the way. Perhaps what attracted me from the very beginning was the innovation culture and the growing speed of the business, which allowed us to keep on investing.

Before I joined the team in Romania, I had the opportunity to know the diversity of our organization while holding a global role at our headquarters in France, but also a regional one for Central Europe. Although diverse, each time I have retrieved common features within our teams, especially my co-workers’ passion for what they do and the constant ambition to offer the best possible experience to our clients and partners everywhere.

Anamaria Busuioc – Legal, Compliance and Public Affairs Director


Even after 13 years, Edenred is the place where I enjoy coming every day. This is where I started my career and I also discovered a passionate team, full of energy. Together we challenge our imagination and we build projects that make peoples’ lives easier and more beautiful.

We reinvent ourselves each time and we overcome any challenge. Always with a smile on our face! We share a common dream and I am proud that we can make a change in the lives of those around us, by everything we do.

Bogdan Asprițoiu – Regional IT Director


Being part of the team ever since 2001, I can say that I have grown with the organization and, on the other hand, I have contributed to everything that Edenred Romania means today. The dynamism and rate at which we are heading towards a digital world are only two of the reasons why I stayed with the company for so many years. And I feel just as confident about the future.

My passion for technology and the opportunity to be part of a super-team, have guided my steps towards a regional role, with international exposure. This position offers me a wider perspective on the positive impact that we bring to people everywhere, as well as on the interaction with various cultures of the world. This is another reason for me to be here and to continue the journey together with these wonderful co-workers.

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