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One name, 3 different platforms


Download the new MyEdenred application now and enjoy a new user experience!

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MyEdenred mobile application, now only one click away!

My Edenred is your new favorite mobile application, which helps you manage your Edenred cards efficiently.

Download MyEdenred application and enjoy:

  • Easy login through Facebook, Gmail and by fingerprint
  • Login with username and password, for customized communication.
  • Possibility to add all your Edenred cards
  • New features straight in the mobile application: Transaction history, PIN reminder, Card activation, Card blocking/unlocking, Delete card, Card balance
  • Viewing and searching for partner retailers in the Edenred network
  • Special offers and promotions designed for Edenred card users
  • “Come to lunch at 1” program – Habits of a healthy nutrition are essential to improve your personal and professional life
  • Add and save discount cards from your favorite stores.

Account in MyEdenred online platform

Using your account from the MyEdenred platform, you have full access to manage your Edenred cards: meal vouchers, gift cards and holiday vouchers


MyEdenred online platform dedicated only for partner retailers and clients, who have optimal variants to efficiently manage their relationship with Edenred.

Your online account will allow you to access, from any computer, all the information regarding the services you can benefit from, as a client and partner retailer in the Edenred network: view statistics and value added data, access tax and logistic documents, reports, launch orders, follow the delivery status in real time, etc.

The platform allows separate management for the paper vouchers and electronic solutions.

Edenred Certifications

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