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Flexibility and ease in managing fringe benefits

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What is the BenefitOnline platform?

It is the online platform with the most fringe benefits for employees in Romania, providing companies with a complete flow for managing, reporting and integrating in accounting and payroll the benefits granted to employees.

  • Complete solution for managing benefits for employees
  • Happier and more productive employees
  • Best practices
  • Motivated employees
  • Ease of administration
  • Proven success for top companies in Romania
  • Flexible benefits, long-term gains
  • Increase of employer brand
  • Customized solution

How does the BenefitOnline platform work?

The employer concludes a contract and sends a list of employees with the related monthly budget. The platform works as an "online shop" where each employee has a secure access to a wide range of flexible benefits, offers and discounts, within the limit of the budget provided by the employer. The employer thus outsources a service that would have consumed the company's internal resources, both time and human or financial.


  • Personalizes the platform only with the desired benefits
  • Sends the lists of employees and the monthly budgets
  • Receives a payroll report at the end of the month for the current month
  • Receives maximum 3 invoices for all the benefits granted in the current month


  • Access the platform and manage the budget allocated by the company by themselves, by a certain date of the month
  • View the taxes related to benefits and choose those that are most advantageous from a fiscal point of view
  • Save amounts from their wages, benefiting from over 2,700 discounts and special offers all over the country
  • Receive help by e-mail or phone from a dedicated support team

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Advantages for companies

  • Complete solution for employee benefits (secure online platform, supplier administration and payment, call center and online support, reporting and payroll integration)
  • Becoming part of the platform and a more efficient promotion of all fixed benefits that the company is already providing
  • Platform customization with the brand elements of each client company
  • Reduced administrative effort - a single payment and maximum 3 monthly invoices
  • Expansion of the supplier network - client companies can make recommendations of new suppliers
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Advantages for employees

  • Freedom to choose at individual level the fringe benefits
  • Flexibility in using the budget of benefits and/or the possibility of monthly accumulation thereof
  • Tax deductions for multiple categories of benefits, under the law
  • The biggest diversity of benefits and discounts in Romania
  • Ease in using the platform - "online shop" interface
  • The possibility to save money using the discounts negotiated for thousands of products and services


The role of this section is to help employees become more aware of the benefits that the company already pays for them. Employees access the benefits platform 4-6 times per month on average, viewing the information in the platform, in the medium and long term having the role of employee retention.

Fixed benefits are established at general level, by the company, including information about each of them, but they can also be personalized at the level of groups of employees.

All employees benefit from this standard package, independent of flexible benefits, the role of the platform being of correct and timely information, employees not being required to call the HR department.


Tichete de masă


Program flexibil de muncă


Asigurare în caz deces-accident


Ziua fructelor




Aniversare vechime


The company allocates budget for flexible benefits and employees have full freedom of choice.

The employee can choose monthly one or several benefits, depending on budget limit, but there is also the possibility of co-payment if the budget is insufficient and the value of the desired benefit is higher..

Moreover, the employee benefits from a contact point (e-mail & call center) that can provide him/her with solutions and support for each of the selected benefits.


Servicii medicale


Pensii private (Pilonul III)


Cursuri profesionale şi limbi străine


Turism intern


Activităţi culturale


Transport (abonamente şi carburant)



Platforma Benefit - Oferte speciale


Over 2,700 discounts and offers granted by BenefitOnline partners available throughout the country.


Zero effort from companies for negotiation


Expansion of supplier network - company employees can make recommendations of new suppliers, in any city of the country


Corporate discounts are negotiated by BenefitOnline for all users of the platform (184,000+)


Adding in the platform the offers already negotiated by the company, in addition to BenefitOnline offers

Categories of benefits depending on taxation


0% for employer / 0% for employee

  • Medical services (subscriptions or insurance) within the limit of RON 150/month (EUR 400/year)
  • Private pensions (pillar III) within the limit of RON 150/month (EUR 400/year)
  • Professional training (without limit, but with the written approval of the direct manager or HR department)
  • Reimbursement of expenses with home-office-home transport (subscription for public transport/fuel), under the legislation in force
  • Gift vouchers and cards for employees and their minor children, within the limit of RON 300/beneficiary, for events provided by law (Christmas, Easter, March 8, June 1).


0% for employer + 10% income tax for employee:

  • Meal tickets and cards, according to the legislation in force, within the limit of one meal ticket/working day
  • Holiday vouchers, according to the legislation in force, within the limit of 6 minimum gross salaries/year/employee
  • Culture tickets according to the legislation in force, within the limit of RON 170/month or RON 350/event/employee


2.25% for employer + 41.5% for employee for in-kind benefits:

  • Gift vouchers and cards, if they exceed the above mentioned limits (other events than those provided by law and/or other values (over RON 300/beneficiary/legal holiday)
  • Subscriptions for public transport or fuel
  • Donations to various associations or non-profit organizations
  • The section "Special Offers" - all products and services included in this category and that can be paid directly through the platform


BenefitOnline platform is aimed at all companies that want a modern solution for flexible management of employee benefits. Companies that have a contract with Edenred Romania for one or several Edenred solutions can benefit from preferential prices of the monthly management fee.

The benefit budget remaining unspent in a month is carried forward for the following month, with the possibility to be used during a calendar year (January-December) or fiscal year, depending on company's preferences.

It depends on the nature of the benefits chosen. For example, a medical subscription is a benefit ordered for 1 year (but with monthly payment), and a public transport subscription is made for one month. Most employees change their benefits every 2-3 months.

The employee, with an individual secured account, accesses an online platform, where he/she personally choses how to manage the monthly budget provided by the company. He/she can choose monthly one or several benefits, depending on budget limit, but there is also the possibility of co-payment if the budget is insufficient and the value of benefits desired by the employee is higher. For example, in a month the employee can choose meal tickets, in another month - culture tickets or transport, but there is also a possibility not to use any benefit for several months in a row and cumulate the budget to buy a vacation.

Most companies that already use the platform provide all employees with this solution of choosing their own benefits, but it is not mandatory.

Different classes of employees can be created, each with different budgets and benefits, depending on employer's needs. This is our commitment to flexibility.

In such situations, the employee database must be updated, usually at the end of each month. In the event of departure of an employee, cessation can apply both on the day when the employment contract ceases and in the following working day of the current month. In the case of new employees, we propose that they benefit from BenefitOnline platform during the following working month, the company sending a file (e-mail or automatically) with details of the new employees.

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