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How can you use vouchers and cards?

How can you use
vouchers and cards?

Prepaid vouchers and cards – lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, Compliments cards, social assistance vouchers and childcare vouchers represent additional income sources which contribute in the improvement of the quality of the beneficiaries’ lives. If you are the beneficiary of the vouchers or cards issued by Edenred, then you must know that you are completely free to use them for shopping in the most extended network of affiliated stores from the country.

Ticket Restaurant® lunch vouchers

The employees who receive Ticket Restaurant® lunch vouchers from their employers have an income dedicated to food expenses for each working day, and they can use such income for shopping the most extended network of affiliated restaurants and stores. With the lunch vouchers, you can have a healthy and varied lunch at affiliated cafeterias or restaurants!

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Ticket Cadou® gift vouchers

When you use Ticket Cadou®, you are free to choose your favorite gift from any of the affiliated stores. Ticket Cadou® gift vouchers can be used to buy any type of products or services, from household appliances or apparel to jewelry, perfumes or food products.

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The Compliments® prepaid card

The Compliments® card is a modern innovative gift opening for you unlimited possibilities to buy the products or services that you wish from the partner stores: apparel and accessories, footwear, jewelry, electronic products, perfumes, etc.

The Compliments card does not have a bank account attached, as it is a prepaid card. It works like a usual debit card, it has a magnetic stripe, and each transaction is approved by the beneficiary by entering the PIN code. You can make full or partial payments from the value of the purchase, according to the available balance. You can use the Compliments card exclusively for shopping in the network of the affiliated stores, and the cash withdrawal from ATMs is not allowed. The owners of Compliments cards have access to a telephone line dedicated to assistance, by calling 021 301 33 66. Also, to benefit from all the services related to the Compliments® card, you need to create a user account by accessing the link after the card activation.

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Ticket Vacanţa® holiday vouchers

With Ticket Vacanţa® you can purchase the tourism services package that you have so long dreamt about! This package must necessarily include accommodation services on the Romanian territory. Other than accommodation, you can always pay for public food services, transport or balneary treatment.

More than 2,000 tourism agencies and hotel, recreation and public food units accept Ticket Vacanţa® as a payment method.

In order to be able to choose the destination that best fits you, Ticket Vacanta® has prepared for you the Guide of Touristic Regions from Romania and the Guide of Romanian Spa Resorts.

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Ticket Asist® social assistance vouchers

Ticket Asist® gives you full freedom of use because it is accepted as a payment method in more than 10,000 locations countrywide. The beneficiaries of Ticket Asist® can buy food, hygiene products, stationery products, products for newborns or other prime necessity items.

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Ticket Creşa® childcare vouchers

With Ticket Creşa® you receive additionally a monthly amount of lei 420, fully exempt from taxes and duties. This amount can be used to pay the charges for one of the nurseries affiliated to Ticket Creşa® or for the education unit where you registered your child less than 2 years of age (3 years in case of disabled children).

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Ticket Medica® medical vouchers

With Ticket Medica®, you can pay for any type of medical services at the affiliated clinics and medical practices: general medicine examination or specialized examinations, including dentistry examinations.

You can use your vouchers in any medical center affiliated to the system. You are no longer restricted to go to a certain medical clinic, but you have the possibility to choose when and where you want to benefit from the medical services.

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Rules for using the vouchers

  • Make sure that the vouchers are within their validity term before using them (such term is recorded on each and every voucher)
  • Use the vouchers only in the network of partners affiliated to the system
  • The conversion of vouchers into money os not accepted
  • No change can be received
  • Do not deteriorate, bend, punch or staple the vouchers