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Our partners and clients speak about their projects and about the contribution brought by the collaboration with Edenred to the motivation of their employees and to the generation of savings through the tax exemptions specific to our solutions.

Cristina Androsca,

HR Manager Ramoss Com SRL

“As an Edenred client, we can say that the meal vouchers on card are an excellent option, for the company, as well as for the employees of Ramoss Com SRL. The Ticket Restaurant® card allows us to simplify the process of awarding meal vouchers to employees, as it is no longer necessary to distribute the vouchers, every month, to each and every employee. Electronic funding through the order platform is performed with a few clicks and thus we save time and make our lives easier. The employees appreciate the wide range of restaurants, food stores and supermarkets where they can use the card, and the fact that they can check their balance using the dedicated mobile application represents a real advantage.”

Dan Adumitrachioaiei,

HR Manager PharmaFarm S.A.

“We are glad that meal vouchers on card have become a reality in Romania as well, after they have been inaugurated by the employees of the Western countries. Compared to the paper meal vouchers, the card can be safely kept in the wallet, it is valid for 4 years from the issue date, and in case of theft, the user can block it, thus avoiding the theft of the funds available on the card. Being a modern solution, the card is accompanied by a mobile application and a web account, through which the employees can, at any moment, check the balance, the funded amount and the transactions performed at the partner merchants."

Jozsef Kuszalik,

Director General Micro Mapper SRL

“I consider that the meal vouchers represent an economic form of motivating the employees. Vouchers can be used easily to buy food, and employees are satisfied that they receive Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers. As manager, I can save significant amounts for the company and I consider that the meal vouchers system is a win-win-win system, for all the parties involved.”

Ec. Paula Fedoreanu,

Manager Resurse Umane Hiperdia SA.

“Our choice for Edenred România as supplier of meal and gift vouchers is the result of the remarkable quality of the provided services and the efficiency of the voucher ordering and delivery process. The Edenred team proved to be made of professionals capable to offer assistance and the necessary support in choosing the best solutions when we had precise requests related to the award of vouchers or other incentive and loyalty solutions.”

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