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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been the focus of Edenred Group’s solutions for a long time. Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher was initially created following a social issue: encouraging employees to take a lunch break and improving food hygiene conditions.

Our approach regarding corporate social responsibility refers to three priorities:

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    Promoting healthy eating

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    Reducing the impact of the Group’s daily activities on the environment

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    We are also supporting the development of the local communities in 42 countries across the world

Edenred commits to make sure that the commercial practices of the Group comply with the local regulations and ethical business practices, thus contributing to the consolidation of its global competitiveness. Being applicable to all the employees and suppliers, our ethics code is the testimony of our approach to sustainable development. Moreover, as signatory part of the UN Global Impact initiative, Edenred is undertakes to promote its basic values by observing human rights, labor regulations and good ecological practices.


Come to lunch at 1, a program intended to raise awareness on healthy eating habits, powered by Edenred Romania.

Edenred Romania, through the program Come to lunch at 1!, wishes to improve the life quality of employees in Romania, through a simple gesture: promoting the daily lunch break.

Choose to leave your keyboard during the lunch break and remember, come to lunch at 1!


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