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Edenred worldwide

Edenred is a world leader in transactional solutions designed to improve companies’ efficiency and to increase employees’ purchasing power.

We connect, you win!

Peste 50 de ani de succes

1962 > 1976 Orientation towards a sustainable growth

Inspired by meal vouchers introduced in 1954 in the United Kingdom, Jacques Borel brings the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher on the French market in 1962.

In 1967, a government decree recognizes the meal voucher as an extra-salary benefit. Based on this success, the concept is exported to other countries, beginning with

1976 > 2000 From local presence to global leadership

The supply of extra-salary benefits is expanded worldwide, beginning with Europe and Latin America.

Part of Accor Group since 1983, Ticket Restaurant is brought under the umbrella of Accor Services starting from 1998.

2000 > 2010 From a wide range of solutions to an autonomous business

In the early 2000s, innovation hits new territories in Europe and Asia, by introducing the rewarding and incentivizing solutions, and in Latin America by Ticket Car, a business expense management solution.

2010 > 2017 From a pioneering concept to a successful business model

Edenred becomes an independent company, changing its name from Accor Services to Edenred and enhances its transformation towards a digital future through the new strategic direction oriented towards new business lines and digital solutions such as cards, online platforms and mobile applications dedicated to users.

Worldwide, Edenred’s portfolio is built around three business lines:

  • Benefits for employees (Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Alimentación, Ticket Plus, Nutrisavings etc.)
  • Fleet and mobility solutions (Ticket Log, Ticket Car, UTA, Ticket Empreserial, etc.)
  • Complementary solutions, which include corporate payments (Edenred Corporate Payment), incentivizing and rewarding (Ticket Compliments, Ticket Kadéos) and social public programs.

Our Mission


We are building relations and solutions that bring added value for our clients through secure transactions.

We wish to offer solutions, not just products and services.

We wish to be an efficient intermediary, to create connections, by offering efficiency and simplicity to our clients, and helping them generate value and improve their performances.

Valorile Edenred

edenred value

Full of life

We are warm, human, cool, blunt and we rest upon advanced technology.

edenred value


Our customers are companies, retailers and employees, connected through a profitable network.

edenred value


We are a reliable partner for all our customers.

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