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World leader in prepaid voucher services, Edenred offers companies innovative solutions to motivate employees and build the loyalty of collaborators, guaranteeing the use of the allocated funds strictly for the purpose to which they are dedicated.
The Norms for Applying the Lunch Vouchers Law Were Published for Public Debate
On April 14, 2014, the Ministry of Public Finance announced the raising for public debate of a draft Government Decision for amending the Norms for...
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A new affiliate store: Selgros Cash & Carry
Selgros Cash & Carry has become an affiliate partner for Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Cadou and Ticket Asist.
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How to give holiday vouchers to your employees
How to give holiday vouchers to your employees
Employers can offer holiday vouchers to their employees if they registered profit or income in the previous fiscal year, under...
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Case study: Compliments card,  a boost of confidence for customers
Case study: Compliments card, a boost of confidence for customers
The natural path to a profitable growth for Groupama Insurance lays in the support offered to its customers.
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Edenred and tax consulting office TaxHouse periodically answer your questions about the granting of lunch vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift vouchers or Compliments cards. Customers and affiliated partners can benefit from free-of-charge consulting services during the performance hours of online discussions.
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The Benefits of Granting Services Vouchers in 2013

In 2013, you can offer to your employees the following extra-salary benefits:

  • Ticket Restaurant: lunch vouchers
  • Ticket...
Gheorghe Enache, Senior Tax Manager
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"I consider that lunch vouchers are an economic method for motivating employees. Vouchers can be easily used to buy food, and employees are pleased that they receive Ticket Restaurant lunch vouchers. I, as a manager, can save important amounts for my company and I consider that the lunch vouchers system is a win-win-win for all the parties involved."
Jozsef Kuszalik,
General Director, Micro Mapper SRL