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Do you want to become our client?

Recommend a company and Edenred rewards you!

You will receive between 100 and 350 lei in the form of gift cards for each recommendation that becomes a customer of Edenred Ticket Restaurant.


How it Works?

1. Fill in the form

2. We contact the company


3. We sign the contract


4. We reward you!

How to recommend?

  • Identify companies that want to grant meal vouchers to employees, thus benefiting from exemption from the payment of social wages and employer taxes
  • You tell them about Edenred Ticket Restaurant, which contributes to increasing the purchasing power of employees and generates significant savings for the employer
  • Fill in the recommendation form with your data and that of the recommended company
  • Edenred contacts the recommended company

How you get rewarded?

  • After the new customer places and pays for the meal voucher order, you will receive the prize consisting of gift cards, loaded with amounts of minimum 100 lei and maximum 350 lei, depending on the number of employees for whom the recommended company orders Edenred Ticket Restaurant
  • You will be able to use gift cards for shopping in the network of partner merchants in the country: grocery stores, supermarkets, jewelry, perfumery, clothing, footwear, toys, etc.

The value of the prizes

Number of beneficiary employees Minimum order value The value of the reward
between 2-10 employees 350 lei 100 lei 
between 11-20 employees 2000 lei 150 lei
între 20-50 salariați 3900 lei 200 lei
over 50 employees 9000 lei 350 lei
See campaign regulations    

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