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Manufaktura Coffee - Special prices to pay with Edenred Ticket Restaurant: Coffee + Desert = 22 lei /Coffee+Croissant = 15 lei /Burger Menu+ Pepsi = 42 lei

Bucuresti, Timisoara

Hotel Novotel - 25% discount during the period 15.06 - 15.09.2020


Restaurant La Casa -10% discount

Bucuresti 021 317 2265 / 0740 257 595


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Expense management solution for companies

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How it works

Spendeo by Edenred is a unique and complete solution improving the efficiency of Business Expense Management: a web platform linked to a payment prepaid card and a modern mobile app for employees.

  • expense demand and approval
  • cards management and control
  • expense claim management tool
  • exhaustive tracking of transaction
  • payment card (Mastercard® co-branded) 
  • maximum security (Chip & PIN Code)
  • possibility to personalize the card layout
  • Contactless payments enabled
  • available balance
  • fund request
  • transactions history
  • expense claim
  • block card and PIN reminder
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Benefits for employees

  • Complete, integrated expense management solution for trip demands, cash advance and expense claim 
  • Instant money transfers between card or between master-account and cards
  • Card can be used for international payments and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than the currency loaded into your card
  • The main features of the mobile application & web portal are the available balance, the history transactions, fund request, block card or PIN reminder
  • Dedicated customer care support and automatic service
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Benefits for companies

  • Complete management and flow of the trip demands, cash advance & expense claim - get rid of paperwork, better traceability and reporting
  • Integration with company's accounting & reporting systems
  • Instant money transfers
  • Remove cash advance process
  • Detailed reporting compared to the bank statement (per project, clients, cost center, expense category, VAT eligibility, etc.)
  • Full control of cards profile in terms of usage limitations (spending and loading profiles)

Discover effortless expense management

Download Spendeo Mobile App

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  • Available balance
  • Fund request
  • Transaction history
  • Expense claim
  • Block card an retrieve PIN
  • Scan receipts

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