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Holiday vouchers


Holiday vouchers are extra-salary benefits which can be granted to private and public companies, on paper or card.

Why grant holiday vouchers to your employees?

Holiday vouchers are an efficient alternative for holiday premiums, being deductible and tax-free for both employers and employees within the limit of 6 gross minimum salaries per country, representing the equivalent of the amount of lei 7,500. The companies which grant holiday vouchers save 40% as compared to granting the same amount in the form of holiday premiums or in cash.

With holiday vouchers, employees can buy full tourism packages from affiliated tourism units: tourism agencies, hotels, pensions, recreation and balneary treatment resorts.

Holiday vouchers support the Romanian tourism, promoting Romanian holiday destinations and enjoy a convenient tax treatment, according to Emergency Ordinance No. 8/2009 published in Official Gazette No. 110/24.02.2009 and to the methodological norms on the granting of holiday vouchers. By introducing holiday vouchers, the Government intervenes in favor of the employee, whose real income increases, and in favor of the employer, who has the possibility and is stimulated to grant a holiday in the country to its employees, in addition to its salary.

  • Fiscal advantages


Full deductibility at the payment of the tax on profit and exemption from the payment of the social taxes owed by employees and employers within the limit of 6 minium salaries per country (lei 7,500/employee/year) Exemption from the payment of contributions:
  • to social insurance
  • to the unemployment fund
  • to the social health insurance fund


The employee has the obligation to pay a tax of 16% on the income coming from the received holiday vouchers, with the maintenance of the other fiscal advantages according to Emergency Government Ordinance No. 58 in relation to holiday vouchers as stipulated by Emergency Government Ordinance No. 8/2009 on the granting of holiday vouchers.

  • More efficient and more motivated employees
  • Productivity improvement
  • Flexibility and logistic advantages: holiday vouchers are easy to order and distribute
  • The specialized consulting services offered by Edenred to its customers who order holiday vouchers
  • The most extended network of hotels, pensions and agencies affiliated to the holiday vouchers system

The recovery of the employees’ labor capacity, the increase in the employees’ labor productivity and the employees’ motivation will generate enhanced stability and efficiency for Romanian companies.

About Ticket Vacanţa® holiday vouchers

Ticket Vacanta 2017

Holiday vouchers are granted in accordance with Emergency Ordinance No. 8/2009 published in Official Gazette No.110/24.02.2009 ad with the methodological norms with respect to granting holiday vouchers. The maximum level of the amounts that can be granted to employees in the form of holiday vouchers is the equivalent value of 6 gross minimum salaries per country guaranteed to be paid, for an employee, during a financial year. You can order holiday vouchers with face values of lei 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Why accept payment by Ticket Vacanta® holiday vouchers?

Holiday vouchers support the Romanian tourism, promoting vernacular holiday destinations and operate under Emergency Ordinance 8/2009 on the granting of holiday vouchers.

The tourism services package which can be bought on the basis of holiday vouchers can include services of accommodation, public food, transport, balneary treatment, recreation. The minimum content of the tourism services package mandatorily contains accommodation services.

  • Increasing the occupancy degree of hotels and pensions during the entire year
  • Increasing the flow of tourists through the tourism agencies
  • Attracting a new category of customers which did not use to go on a holiday or spent their holidays abroad
  • Attracting visitors to spend their holidays in authorized tourism units and to use the services of licensed tourism agencies, using holiday vouchers
  • Increasing the turnover both due to the attraction of the customers using holiday vouchers, and due to the additional expenses for the packages exceeding the value of holiday vouchers

Which type of unit should you have to accept payment by holiday vouchers?

In order to become an Edenred affiliated partner in view of accepting holiday vouchers as a payment method in your unit, you need to have a tourism unit authorized by the Tourism Ministry under a classification certificate or tourism licence:

  • Hotel
  • Pension
  • Tourism agency
  • Tourism chalet
  • Camping
  • Holiday village
  • Balneary treatment unit

With holiday vouchers, affiliated partners increase their income and occupancy degree.

How can you use Ticket Vacanta® holiday vouchers?

The tourism services for which you can pay with holiday vouchers must include accommodation services and, in addition, you can also pay with holiday vouchers for public food, transport or balneary treatment services. Such services can be bought directly from hotels, pensions, authorized balneary treatment units or by means of licensed tourism agencies affiliated to Ticket Vacanta®:

  • Hotels
  • Pensions
  • Tourism agencies
  • Tourism chalets
  • Camping
  • Holiday villages
  • Balneary treatment units

Enjoy a refreshing holiday at one of the units affiliated to Ticket Vacanta®! Choose the destination that best fits you accessing the Guide of Romanian Spa Resorts or the Guide of Touristic Regions from Romania.

Who can receive holiday vouchers?

Lunch vouchers are offered by employers to their own employees in order to help them restore their energy, recovering their labor capacity in a relaxing holiday in the picturesque Romanian landscapes, thus encouraging Romanian tourism.

The value of the vouchers is fully borne by the employer. Each employee hired under an individual labor agreement can receive holiday vouchers within the limit of 6 minimum gross salaries per country (lei 5,100/employee/year), such amount being deductible and free from taxes and duties. Starting from July 2010, holiday vouchers are taxed by the quota of 16% related to the tax on income from holiday vouchers, payable by the employee.

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