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Who can order prepaid vouchers

Who can grant prepaid
vouchers and cards

Any company, regardless of its number of employees or activity field can opt for granting extra-salary benefits.
Extra-salary benefits such as lunch vouchers, gift vouchers and cards, holiday vouchers or childcare vouchers can be granted to employees or collaborators.

Lunch vouchers can be granted by natural or legal persons that hire employees under individual labor agreements. In this way, both small and large companies, notary offices or other freelancers can grant lunch vouchers to their employees, regardless of their number.

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Gift vouchers and cards can be used by any company hiring employees under individual labor agreements to grant gift vouchers to their employees, within the limits and at the events provided by specific legislation. Also, any company carrying out marketing actions or actions of rewarding business partners by means of their protocol fund can use gift vouchers as a rewarding and loyalty building tool.

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Holiday vouchers can be granted by employers to their employees hired under individual labor agreements, for the recovery and maintenance of their labor capacity. With holiday vouchers, employees can purchase tourism packages from affiliated tourism units: tourism agencies, hotels, pensions, spas and recreation resorts. The condition for an employer to be able to grant holiday vouchers to its employees is that, in the year preceding the year when this type of benefit is granted, the employer company recorded profit or income, according to the company type.

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Social assistance vouchers represent an alternative to the aids granted in cash or in kind for those organizations which carry out social assistance programs. Ticket Asist is an efficient and easy-to-use tool for the undertaking of social responsibilities by those companies, institutions and organizations which want to finance social assistance programs.

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Childcare vouchers can be granted by employers to their employees hired under individual labor agreements, who choose to resume work on the job and receive Ticket Creşă vouchers instead of the paternal leave for children less than two years of age.

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Medical vouchers can be offered by employers to employees hired under individual labor agreements, in a more flexible and more efficient manner than by the usual subscriptions to a medical clinic.

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