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About extra-salary benefits

About the
extra-salary benefits

When you reward your employees using Edenred's products, they gain a bigger purchasing power and they are more satisfied and engaged in their work. In addition, your company's costs are reduced by 32% compared to a raise of salary. Explanation: the prepaid vouchers are tax deductible and they are exempt from taxes for both employees and employers.

How to please your employees, without paying more than necessary?

By means of the vouchers issued by Edenred (lunch vouchers, gift vouchers and cards, holiday vouchers, childcare vouchers, medical vouchers) you reward and motivate your employees, and the expenses are cut down by 40% as compared to the situation of a pay rise. Explanation: vouchers are fiscally deductible and are free from taxes and duties, for both employees and employers.

How does the prepaid voucher system work?

prepaid system

Which are the extra-salary benefits you can offer to your employees?

Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Restaurant® Plus: lunch vouchers for a balanced diet

Lunch vouchers, one of the most frequently encountered extra-salary benefits in Romania are fiscally deductible and exempt from taxes and duties, owed by both employees and employers. Ticket Restaurant® represent the first lunch vouchers issued in Romania as early as 1999; currently, they are daily used by more than 1,500,000 employees in more than 55,000 affiliated restaurants and stores throughout the country.

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Ticket Cadou: gift vouchers offering the freedom to choose the desired gift

Gift vouchers are universal use vouchers and can be spent in the network of affiliated stores to by all types of products, both food and non-food commodities. You can offer them to your employees on various occasions, when the allocated amounts are deductible and free from taxes and duties, or you can turn them into a tool for rewarding customers and business partners.

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Compliments: the first prepaid card exclusively addressing companies

The modern alternative for gift vouchers or for the prizes and bonuses granted in cash or in kind, the Compliments® card can be used for payments in a vast network of traders covering all the sectors of interest, from food stores to gift, apparel, footwear, jewelry, etc. stores. The amounts granted in this way to employees on certain occasions are deductible and free from social taxes and duties for both employees and employers. Simple, modern, innovative, the prepaid Compliments® card is a product developed in cooperation with MasterCard and it works like an ordinary debit, without charging any management fees.

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Ticket Vacanţa: holiday vouchers which successfully replace holiday premiums.

Holiday vouchers are an alternative for holiday premiums, being deductible and free from taxes and duties for both employers, and employees. In addition, they promote Romanian tourism and contribute to the recovery of employees' labor capacity.

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Ticket Asist: social assistance vouchers for a maximum efficiency of social programs

Social assistance vouchers represent an alternative to the aids granted in cash or in products, which can be used by the organizations carrying out social assistance programs, guaranteeing the use of the allocated funds for the purpose to which such funds are dedicated.

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Ticket Creşa: childcare vouchers helping employees to resume their activity on the job

Childcare vouchers can be granted to employees having children under 2 years, respectively 3 years for disabled children to motivate them to return to the job instead of the parental leave for childcare. The amount granted in this form is fiscally deductible and free from any taxes, owed by both employers and employees.

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Ticket Medica: medical care vouchers ensuring flexibility for employees

Ticket Medica are medical care vouchers, exclusively issued in Romania by Edenred. Medical vouchers are more flexible and more efficient than classical subscriptions to a medical clinic, allowing employees to choose the medical clinics and services from which they want to benefit.

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About the prepaid vouchers issued by Edenred

The prepaid vouchers issued by Edenred have the largest acceptance area from Romania. This means that they can be spent in the largest network of stores, restaurants and affiliated units.

Therefore, Edenred vouchers became the most appreciated extra-salary benefits from Romania. More than 35,000 companies from Romania are optimizing their budgets of extra-salary benefits, granting vouchers issued by Edenred to 1,500,000 employees.

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