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Advantages for affiliated partners

Advantages for Edenred
affiliated partners

Accept as a payment method the prepaid cards and vouchers issued by Edenred in your unit and you get new customers, you build the loyalty of your existing customers and you increase your income!

What advantages do Edenred affiliated partners get?

On a monthly basis, millions of employees use the vouchers and cards issued by Edenred to buy products and services from the locations of the affiliated partners, benefiting from an additional income which increases their purchasing power.

The turnover increase and the development of your business

More than 1,500,000 employees receive Ticket Restaurant lunch vouchers, Ticket Cadou gift vouchers, Compliments cards, Ticket Vacanta holiday vouchers, Ticket Asist social assistance vouchers. They are searching for the most convenient locations where they can spend their vouchers.

In addition, customers can buy products in additions to those bought with vouchers, thus contributing to a sales increase.

Benefit from a turnover increase of up to 25% thanks to the amounts attracted as the vouchers issued by Edenred!

Building the loyalty of the customers using vouchers issued by Edenred

The users of prepaid cards and vouchers who choose to buy products from your store will choose to return every time if they found what they want.

An increase in the flow of buyers

You can attract new customers, who did not use to buy certain products and services when they did not use prepaid cards and vouchers.

Promotion ensured by Edenred with a precise targeting

Edenred provides you free of charge with space for promotion on the website and in newsletters, brochures, flyers. You will also benefit from special fees if you choose to promote your products or services directly in the voucher booklets monthly received by 1,500,000 employees.

Refund and settlement methods

  • Refund at Edenred headquarter

For the settlement of the equivalent value of the vouchers, you can send the vouchers to the Refund Agency from our headquarters in Bucharest, accompanied by a refund note customized with your company data. When the affiliation contract is signed, you can opt for settlement every 5 days, 10 days or 15 days.

  • Refund by means of Selgros Cash & Carry or Metro Cash & Carry

You can instantly refund the vouchers issued by Edenred in Selgros or Metro stores from your town to buy food and non-food commodities, at the face value written on the vouchers.

  • Refund of the amounts collected with the Compliments card

The amounts spent with the Compliments® card in your store are quickly refunded, within approximately 24h, into the account you opened with the accepting bank by means of which the transaction is carried out.

Flexible refund terms

Yu can opt for flexible terms for vouchers settlement in accordance with your company's need for cash.


You receive the invoice much faster and you have 24h/24h access to your invoice!

How do you become an Edenred affiliated partner?

You can easily and quickly become an affiliated partner, taking the following steps:

1. Sign the affiliation contract with Edenred

2. Accept as a payment method the types of Edenred vouchers for which you signed the contract and you indicate your company by stickers received from us

3. You send us the vouchers received from customers for refund purposes

4. We pay you the equivalent value of vouchers into your account


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