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Managers from 20 companies join their powers to give an example of healthy eating habits

In Romania, chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have reached alarming levels, and one of the main causes is incorrect nutrition, generated by unhealthy eating habits.

“In keeping healthy, eating habits are as important as food quality. Systematically skipping breakfast, eating lunch on the run and dinner excesses are extremely destabilizing for the organism. The so called desk-dining, a phenomenon that is more and more common, is harmful for the physical health, as well as for the mental health, because it is an aggravating factor in social alienation and depression”, states Dr. Alin Popescu, primary care physician in sports medicine, with multiple preoccupations in the field of nutrition and in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

#Cometolunchat1 ! – Lead by Example is the campaign by which Edenred and its partners show by means of personal example that lunch break is not luxury, but a simple habit that is absolutely necessary for a healthy, balanced life.

According to Edenred studies, 56% of the employees in Romania spend less than 30 minutes for lunch. Although there have been slight improvements in the last few years in Romania, there is still a major difference compared to countries like Belgium, Spain, Sweden or France (where only 23% of the employees spend less than 30 minutes for lunch).

In order to inspire and motivate their co-workers and teams to make use of their lunch break and thus ensure their chances for a healthy life, during the week of 18 – 22 September, top managers from Edenred and partner companies have invested, every day, the necessary time for a lunch break away from the desk.

Alone, together with their co-workers, clients or business partners, the 20 managers have allocated the necessary time to have lunch.

At the restaurant, in the company’s kitchen or cafeteria, or in the park, the managers participating in the Come to lunch at 1 ! – Lead by Example campaign have actually used their lunch break to relax, reconnect with themselves and with the people around them and to refill their energy for the rest of the day.

Participants shared their impression with the co-workers, teams and personal communities, by posting on social media, both on their personal pages and on the Cometolunchat1 ! campaign Facebook page.

he personal example given by the managers from the partner companies in the Come to lunch at 1 ! campaign - Alstom, Eurest, FoodPanda, Groupama, Macromex, Kaufland Romania, Marco Polo Cee, Mastercard, Romstal Romania, Mcguire Woods, Novotel, Romania Hypermarche (CORA), Salad Box, Smartree Romania, Sanador or UTA Romania – was shared by more than 60.000 members of the social networks and will be continually amplified by events organized by Edenred until the end of the year.

„I am impressed by our partners’ mobilization and their generosity to share their personal example to support an initiative for the employees’ health. An important element of a balanced life is lunch break, which must be encouraged especially for the active population, those around 5 million Romanians who are engaged on the labor market and who, by their activity, keep the economy moving and push Romania forward”, states Dana Sintejudean, Deputy CEO of Edenred Romania.

« As a provider of meal vouchers and benefits solutions for more than 1.500.000 employees in Romania, Edenred is able to take a close look at their eating habits, as well as facilitate them the desire to have a balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The example given by managers and entrepreneurs is credible and strong, and we hope it is convincing for as many employees as possible.»

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