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Holiday vouchers, issued on card, as of today

Edenred, the largest issuer of prepaid cards and vouchers for companies, organizations and communities, is the first issuer to obtain the authorization from the Ministry of Public Finances to issue electronic holiday vouchers, respectively on card.

Edenred has thus started to issue electronic holiday vouchers immediately after obtaining the authorization, in July. They are used in parallel with the classic holiday vouchers, on paper, that the company has already been issuing for many years.

Private companies can offer each employee holiday vouchers up to 6 national minimum gross wages per employee.

Up to now, approximately 50.000 employees in Romania have received holiday vouchers issued by Edenred, on paper. Most of the companies that awarded holiday vouchers to their employees this year operate in the fields of retailing, IT, distribution and services.

Holiday vouchers work on the basis of the GEO no. 8/2009, and starting from July 2017, according to GEO no. 46/2017, all public institutions and state-owned companies can offer their employees holiday vouchers, in amount of maximum 1450 lei/employee/year, depending on the budgets established in this respect.

Compared to the holiday bonuses, holiday vouchers have significant tax facilities, being subject to only the income tax. The role of holiday vouchers is to encourage Romanian tourism, having a positive impact on employees’ well-being and motivation.

Electronic holiday vouchers simplify operations related to the distribution, use and settlement of holiday vouchers.

The Edenred holiday card, called Ticket Vacanța, is developed under the Mastercard license, and has a MICROCHIP and Contactless technology for fast payments.

The beneficiary employees can use holiday vouchers only in Romania, to purchase tourist services from hotels, guesthouses, licensed tourism agencies or authorized balneary treatment facilities, and the tourist package must contain accommodation services, according to the legal specifications.

Edenred holiday vouchers issued on paper can be spent in more than 2.500 affiliated tourist facilities: guesthouses, hotels and tourism agencies. With regards to the electronic holiday vouchers, their network of acceptance is currently developing, already counting some of the biggest tourism agencies in Romania among its affiliates, through which you can purchase holidays across the entire country.

In the last few years, we passed through an intense stage of digitization and transformation of benefits for employees, which are now an instrument by which companies additionally motivate their teams, but also an instrument to encourage certain healthy life habits. Holiday cards simplify the processes of award, use and settlement of holiday vouchers, bringing significant flexibility and mobility for employers and employees, but also for partner retailers. In addition, holiday vouchers are a beneficial measure for the Romanian tourism, because they can be used exclusively in Romania, and can have a real impact on the diminishment of informal prices in tourism”, stated Dana Sintejudean, Deputy General Director of Edenred Romania.

In Romania, Edenred serves more than 35.000 client companies and 1.5 million users for Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and cards, gift vouchers and cards, childcare vouchers, holiday vouchers, social vouchers, as well as prepaid cards for business expenses. 

Edenred Group operates in 42 countries, counting almost 8.000 employees. In 2016, the volume of transactions ensured by Edenred rose to almost 20 billion euro, of which 70% were performed using cards, mobile devices or online.

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