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The first companies that opted for the new maximum face value of meal vouchers

The maximum face value of meal vouchers, in amount of 15.18 lei and the companies in Romania have already started to increase the packages of extra-salary benefits offered to employees.
Since December last year, the maximum face value of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is 15 lei, being established by the Law no. 218 / 2016 for the modification of art. 3 para. (1) of the Law no. 142/1998 on the award of meal vouchers, published in the Official Gazette no. 931 / 2016.
Among the employers who have decided to increase the value of the meal voucher offered to employees, we mention: Dedeman, Selgros, Babes Bolyai University, TenarisSilcotub and Auchan. They offer their employees meal vouchers having the maximum face value of 15.18 lei for each working day performed.
Several employees from various industries enjoy the increased value of the meal voucher, such as metallurgy, pharmaceutical distribution, medical services, trading, constructions or IT. Thus, they benefit of a full lunch daily, thanks to the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers issued by Edenred.
The new maximum face value, in amount of 15.18 lei will allow them to have an increased purchasing power and increased focus for the rest of the day.
The increase of the meal voucher’s face value brings multiple benefits for organizations, as well as for the beneficiaries:
increased purchasing power for employees
Deductibility and exemption from the payment of social taxes for companies and for employees. Compared to the award of the same amount in cash, organizations save 37% if they award Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
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