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Edenred continues its CSR initiatives in 2018, towards promoting healthy eating at work

Edenred informs that in 2018 it will continue its “Come to Lunch at 1!” campaign, by which it encourages employees to adopt healthy eating habits at work, for the fourth year in a row.

In 2017, Edenred extended this campaign, moving from the mostly informative and educational direction adopted in the previous years, to actions through which it mobilized business partners and their employees, together proving that the lunch break is a necessary habit, not luxury.

Today, Edenred, the company that created Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, more than 60 years ago in France and developed the model of prepaid vouchers in 42 countries, plays a pivotal role in connecting employees, companies and partner retailers, for the benefit of all the parties involved.

At global level, Edenred focuses on three CSR strategic priorities:
Promoting healthy eating 
Reducing the impact of Group’s daily activities on the environment 
Supporting the development of local communities in 42 countries around the world

The 3 global CSR directions of Edenred in Romania

Ideal Meal:

In September, 20 companies in Romania, having more than 20.000 employees, have participated in the “Come to lunch at 1” campaign, carried out by Edenred Romania for the 3rd year in a row. The purpose of this campaign is to promote the habit of the daily lunch break among the Romanian employees

The participating companies have tested several good practice models, in terms of healthy eating habits, in order to encourage their employees to have a healthy lifestyle. The lunch break is not only a method by which those who are active on the labor market take care of their health and energy, but also a social binder, as both aspects contribute to a better quality of life for the employees in Romania.  “We wish to trigger a change for the better through personal example, beginning with a habit that lies within our power and together with those who are close to us day by day – co-workers, employees, friends, family.

As a provider of meal vouchers and benefits solutions for more than 1.000.000 employees in Romania, Edenred is able to get involved in programs for educating and raising awareness on the importance of a balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, with long term effects on the health.

During the last 10 years, the Group promoted balanced nutrition and was involved in the fight against obesity, through various actions, especially by creating the FOOD program, whose role is to involve international experts in the field of nutrition, companies, employees and restaurants, for the purpose of facilitating access to a balanced nutrition among the active population.


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