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15.18 lei – the new maximum face value of meal vouchers

The new maximum face value of meal vouchers was established by Order no. 1618/2018 of the Minister of Labor and Social Justice, for establishing the indexed the face value of a meal voucher.
For flexibility in orders and simplified management, Edenred proposes a series of predefined values for Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers on paper: 9.57 lei, 10.00 lei, 10.50 lei, 11.00 lei, 11.50 lei, 12.00 lei, 12.50 lei, 13.00 lei, 13.50 lei, 14.00 lei, 14.50 lei, 15.00 lei, 15.09, 15.18 lei.
Considering the increase of the face value, the Ticket Restaurant® meal card offers a greater flexibility, as compared to the paper vouchers. The card allows fractioned payments, under or over the face value of a meal voucher, without being necessary to add cash or purchase products of lower value.
Therefore, in compliance with the provisions of the Order, please keep in mind that you can order meal vouchers having face values up to 15.18 lei inclusively.
The increase of the meal voucher’s face value brings multiple benefits, both for organizations and for beneficiaries:   
  • Increased purchasing power for employees
  • Deductibility and exemption from the payment of social contributions for companies and employees.
  • Compared to the award of the same amount in cash, organizations save 37% if they award Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
Ticket Restaurant® partner retailers will accept for payment both the values predefined for the orders of paper Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, and intermediary values or inferior to those mentioned above, complying with the validity period printed on the voucher and in the contractual conditions.
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