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Edenred in Romania

in Romania

In Romania, Edenred is a leader on the lunch vouchers’ market, creating innovative solutions for motivation and building loyalty. Find out more on Edenred’s activities in Romania!

Edenred Romania – Wishes become reality

Edenred designs, develops and implements innovative solutions helping companies and organizations to create new sources for motivating and building the loyalty of collaborators and employees.

In Romania, Edenred provides the following solutions dedicated to companies:

  • Ticket Restaurant® - lunch vouchers on paper and card support
  • Ticket Cadou® - gift vouchers
  • Compliments® - the first prepaid gift card dedicated to companies
  • Spendeo by Edenred - integrated expense management solution
  • Ticket Vacanta® - holiday vouchers
  • Ticket Asist® - social vouchers
  • Ticket Junior - social vouchers for kindergarden
  • Ticket Creșa® - childcare vouchers
  • Ticket Medica® - mediacal care vouchers

More than 35,000 companies use the vouchers issued by Edenred, to reward, motivate and build the loyalty of their 1,500,000 employees.

Edenred offers more than a service or a product. It offers an array of solutions for companies, merchants, beneficiaries and public institutions. Therefore, Edenred is a Solution Manager.

  • It is a solution for each one, no matter the age, gender or social status.
  • The companies wish for motivated employees, but also to save time with optimized procedures and money with fiscal deductions.
  • The end-users wish to be rewarded for their work and to be able to enjoy the rewards in their own manner.
  • Retailers wish for returning customers and the safety of transactions.
  • While the public authorities wish for more efficient social policies.

In conclusion, Edenred understands that people have different needs and motivations. The range of varied products is developed to grant everyone’s wish.

Edenred History in Romania

Edenred has been operating in Romania since 1998.

Here is how we and the vouchers market from Romania have evolved from 1998 up to now:

March 13, 1998
Voting of the legislation regarding lunch vouchers (Law 142/1998)
Issue of the decree for the application of lunch vouchers law
January 25, 1999
March 11, 1999
Edenred (formerly Accor Services) officially becomes the first issuer of lunch vouchers (Operating Permit No. 001), the face value of a lunch voucher being lei 15,000
Edenred already has the largest network of units affiliated to the system, offering Ticket Restaurant daily to a number of 160,000 employees, from 1,500 companies
December 31, 1999
October 2000
Edenred is the first issuer of vouchers from Romania certified in the quality field, according to ISO international standards. Certificate number 207267, Bureau Veritas
Edenred is the first issuer of vouchers from Romania which launches a new product: Ticket Cadou
April 2003
May 2006
Publishing in The Official Gazette of the Law on the granting of gift vouchers and childcare vouchers (Law 193/2006)
Edenred is the first issuer of childcare vouchers and the only issuer of medical vouchers from Romania
November 2006
August 2007
Edenred is strengthening its position on the Romanian market by starting the merger with HUNGASTRO, the third player on the service vouchers market
The merger between Edenred and HUNGASTRO is completed. The team of Hungastro becomes an integral part of the Edenred team and will continue to carry out its activity at the same address from Sfântul Gheorghe
October 2007
February 2009
Approval of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 8/2009 on the granting of holiday vouchers
Edenred issues the first holiday vouchers from Romania, under the Ticket Vacanţa brand
April 9, 2009
July 2009
Edenred launches for the first time in Romania an online service for the geolocation of pensions, hotels and tourism agencies accepting payment with Ticket Vacanţa, available free of charge on Edenred website
Edenred and CIEL form a partnership to launch a unique service in Romania, by mean of which customer companies can manage and order the vouchers issued by Edenred by means of CIEL applications for salarization
August 2009
June 2010
Further to the proposal of spinoff of Accor Group’s hotels and prepaid services divisions, Edenred becomes an independent company, changing its name from Accor Services to Edenred
Edenred buys out the vouchers issuer Euroticket (its customer portfolio) and strengthens its leader position at a national level on the prepaid services market
November 2010
November 2010
Edenred launches Compliments – the first prepaid gift card from Romania addressing exclusively companies
Edenred launches the electronic platform Edenred Online – the most efficient method for ordering and account management for its customers and affiliated partners
June 2012
October 2014
Edenred acquires 34% interest in Union Tank Eckstein (UTA), a leading issuer of fuel cards for heavy vehicle fleets in Europe.
Ticket Restaurant® card becomes the first meal card in Romania
january 2015
March 2016
Edenred launches Spendeo by Edenred solution for business expenses
Launching Compliments Thank You card, a digital solution for partners rewards and incentivization campaigns
March 2, 2017
March 13, 2017
Edenred launches Compliments Benefit card, for rewarding employees
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